Undecided Torture

Sandra has been in a relationship with Luke for a year and a half. Their relationship was her longest and best relationship so far.
Until Luke oddly decided he didn't want to continue..
Harry, Sandra's best friend, comforts her and suddenly told her his dark secrets that she wished she didn't hear, especially from him.
Luke tries to get back into her life and she has no choice but to pick a side: her sorry first lover or her confusing best friend.


5. Trouble.

The ending credits slowly roll up on the screen with dramatic heroic music playing in the background. The audience clap and make their way out the exits. The popcorn that I've knocked over still remains on the carpet theater floor.

Silence stood still between me and Harry and he still hasn't said a word after his remark. I honestly don't know what to say since I have no idea if he was bluffing or not. Well, I hope he is because Luke wants me to get him to back off so he doesn't have to worry about my best friend interfering in our relationship. Even though I'm convinced that Harry won't interfere. Now, I have no idea what to think. So, I'll just assume that he didn't mean what he said and pretend that he didn't say it at all for our sake.

We make our way out the movie theater and got in Harry's black Range Rover. Still no words have been spoken. So I decided to start off with a conversation. Anything to get rid of the awkward tension.

"So, did you like the movie?" I asked as soon as I buckled my seat belt.

"Uh, yeah." He give me a small quick smile. "Did you enjoy your nap?"

I laugh a little. Relieved that he isn't making this difficult. "It was relaxing until you woke me up."

He smiles, showing the indent of his dimple. "I didn't want you to drool on my shoulder."

He shifts to reverse then shifts to drive out the parking lot.

"I fell asleep on your shoulder?" I asked and he nods his head, indicating that the statement was true.

Sitting back on the comfortable leather seat, I began to think back where we were sitting in the theater. I do not remember falling asleep against Harry. I probably just moved and accidentally leaned on him. I wonder why he hasn't automatically pushed me off. Maybe he just didn't want to be rude.

"That is so embarrassing. You know, sleeping on your shoulder and all."

"Don't you worry. You didn't drool this time." He smirks and I sit up in my seat.

"This has happened before? When? Where? Why didn't you tell me when I wake up that I've drooled on you?"

"Woah woah, many questions to answer. One at a time please," He shakes his head amusingly. "You have done it plenty of times. It always when we watch a movie though."

I couldn't help but to have a horrid expression take over my features. Why didn't I realize? And why do I find out until now?

"Sandra, it's fine. It's adorable how you let your fluids ruin my clothing." He jokes sarcastically.

"Adorable?" I couldn't help but to question is compliment.

"I guess," He shrugs his shoulders. "Anyways, it's not like I haven't slept on you."

"Yeah, we sleep with each other a lot, don't we?" I begin to laugh but he didn't join in with the laughter. I realized my choice of words and try to apologize for them. "I didn't mean it like that, like, sex. I mean falling asle--"

"I know," he quietly interrupts.

Deciding to shut my mouth, I just look out the window and debate if I should bring up what he said at the movie theater. If I do, he can either feel awkward and embarrassed or deny what he had said.

I decide to question him.. here goes nothing.

"When I knocked over the popcorn and said 'oh, fuck me' in a way of cursing at myself, did you really mean what you said afterwards?"

"When I said 'Glad to'," He raises an eyebrow and focuses back on the road.

"Well, yeah." My heart begins to beat faster.

He sighs. "I don't know. It's not like I haven't thought about it before."

"You thought about us.. fucking?" My best friend thinks about us two together?

"What guy wouldn't? Look at you," He gestures to me. "Don't get it twisted though. There's no feelings being interpreted here. You are my closest friend and I don't want anything to ruin the bond we have. So, lets just forget about all this because it means nothing."

It means nothing. What he said echoes through my head. I don't know what I feel about what he just said so I decide to listen to him and drop it. 

"It's almost 10:30. Luke hasn't called yet?" Harry asks while driving into the driveway. "Oh wait, nevermind. He's standing at the front door." He rolls his eyes.

My eyes went to the front of my house and there he is. Luke was leaning against the front door with his arms crossed. Even though it's dark out, he's pitched black Ray-Bans are covering his eyes. Without realizing, I stepped out of the car and power walked to my pissed off boyfriend.

"Are you fucking kidding me, Sandra?" He yells at me as soon as I walked up the three steps. "Where did you go with him?"

"The movies," I quickly responded. "You canceled on me so--"

"So you decided to hang out with someone that I didn't want you to hang out with?" He interrupts me and steps closer.

Before I could respond, he continues. "I've been trying to reach you and I've been standing here for almost an hour and a half worried sick about you. And you're with him!"

On cue, Harry steps out and makes his way towards us.

"Fuck off, man!" Luke walks past me and begins his tantrum with Harry.

"Look, I didn't want to start anything." Harry cooly says. "She tried to tell me to stay out of you're business and I guess I was too selfish and convinced her to stay friends with me."

Harry's response got me off guard. Is he really trying to blame himself?

"I don't care what you have to say. Stay away from my girl!" Luke stumbles when he tried to step in front of him.

"Luke," I walk to him and turned him around to face me. The smell of some sort of strong liquor fills me nostrils.

What the hell?

"Have you been drinking?" I shout and he looks away. "Luke!"

"So what!? I told you that I was going to hang out with my family, didn't I?" He slurs and my anger begins to rise.

"No! You said that you were going to 'hang out with the lads' not your family." I quote what he texted me earlier.

"Where were you?" I whisper and he chuckles.

"With my friends and family." He places his hands on my waist and starts to leave sloppy wet kisses on my cheek. "Please don't be mad at me, baby."

I look at Harry, who is awkwardly watching us. Without a word, he turns on his heels and steps into his car. Before he drove off, he tells me:

"You're making a mistake, Sandra."

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