Undecided Torture

Sandra has been in a relationship with Luke for a year and a half. Their relationship was her longest and best relationship so far.
Until Luke oddly decided he didn't want to continue..
Harry, Sandra's best friend, comforts her and suddenly told her his dark secrets that she wished she didn't hear, especially from him.
Luke tries to get back into her life and she has no choice but to pick a side: her sorry first lover or her confusing best friend.


6. Owed.

Luke's hand rubs against my inner thigh as his lips travel down my neck. I don't move from my sitting position on the couch as he touches my skin. His hand make its way to the back of my head so his lips can connect to mine. The taste of Vodka comes from his lips and I pushed him off of me.

"What's wrong?" He whispers and leaves a small kiss on my shoulder and continues to rub my thigh.

"I can taste the vodka." I mumble and his face falls a little.

"Michael made me drink a bit too much. He kept offering and Ashton encouraged me to drink more."

"That's not an excuse to come home drunk." I roll my eyes.

"Hey," He gently grabs my chin and turns my head for me to face him. "It's almost 1am and I work at 6am. If I come in late like last time, I'm in deep shit. I'm doing this for you and you owe me."

No matter how fucked up this whole thing is, he is right. I do owe him for hanging out with Harry when I promised to get him to back off. Luke may seem to be over protective and really jealous but it shows that he cares. It shows that he would be devastated if he were to lose me. With that mind set, I couldn't help but to smile for the sacrifices he does. Such as risking loosing his job.

"Okay," I bite my lower lip and he pulls me on top of him.

My legs are on either side of his waist and our lips connect. He doesn't waste time to start tongue kissing. His hands grab my rear and then he begins to pull my tank top off. He grabs my breast and groans against my lips. My hand reaches in between us to grab his bulge underneath his basketball shorts. He was always hard for me.

Always ready.

I lightly squeeze and rub and he begins to undo my bra. Once it is unhooked, he tosses it to the side and breaks the kiss to look down on me.

"So perfect," He whispers and takes my nipple to his mouth and teases the other one with his fingers.

I begin to feel the rush from his touch and I grab the back of his head; beginning to rub my center with his bulge. Moaning, I watch as his tongue moves around my nipple and how his finger teases me.

"Fuck baby," he smiles up at me. "Your room? Because I can take you right here if you want."

I just shrug my shoulders and he pins me against the couch, already taking of his shorts.

"You have a condom?" I asked and he nods his head, reaching in the short's pocket.

"Wait," I say and he stops his movements. "Before I went to the grocery store today, I picked up my birth control pills."

"I thought you stopped taking them before we met?"

"Well, I've been on it for a while." I mumble.

Without a word, he tosses his shorts and went after mine. Taking it off in under 5 seconds, along with my underwear.

First, he rubs his cock against my clit. Spreading my wetness all over and then he slowly sinks into me.

"Always so wet for me," he says in the crook of my neck and he picks up speed.

I moan and grab the back of his shoulders and he begins to suck and kiss my neck. With no protection, I feel every inch of him. By how fast he is going, I can tell he is enjoying the skin on skin.

He thrust and I moan louder. "Luke,"

"Yes baby, moan my name" He thrust and slams into me.

I scratch his back and he groans. His gaze is focused where he is entering me repeatedly. He grabs on my leg and lifts it so my knee is almost by my head and he watches himself slam in and out of me.

A few minutes passed and my legs begins to go numb, knowing that I'm reaching my high, I close my eyes and release all around him. He watches and slows down as I cum against him. Moaning my name and biting his lip.

Even though I released, he continues to slowly pound into me.

"Babe, you're not done?" I weakly asked.

"I was done for a while," he winks at me and I giggle. "I love you, Sandra."

"I love you, Luke."

He pulls out and lays on top of me to rest his head against my chest.

"I'm going to ditch work so I can make you breakfast." his raspy voice tells me.

"You don't have to,"

"Why go to work when I have to make it up to you?"

"I thought I owe you?" I questioned.

"Not anymore, I've been a shitty boyfriend lately and I have to make sure my princess is treated right." He kisses the tip of my nose and rest his head against my chest again.

After a few short minutes, he begins to lightly snore and I decided to fall asleep with him.


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