Undecided Torture

Sandra has been in a relationship with Luke for a year and a half. Their relationship was her longest and best relationship so far.
Until Luke oddly decided he didn't want to continue..
Harry, Sandra's best friend, comforts her and suddenly told her his dark secrets that she wished she didn't hear, especially from him.
Luke tries to get back into her life and she has no choice but to pick a side: her sorry first lover or her confusing best friend.


3. Meet Up.

After Luke gave me a kiss goodbye and a firm explanation on why Harry should stay away, I found myself dialing Harry's number. It went to voicemail and I suddenly felt worried. I know there's nothing to get worried about since I know he isn't the one to go crazy after ending something with someone. Harry is the one to forgive and forget.

Mostly forget.

I tried calling him once again and this time, it rang one and went to voicemail.

"What the hell, Styles?" I yell to myself. My voice echoing through my empty apartment.

Looking around my home, I've realized how messing it became. Empty water bottles, crumbled up wrappers, and an empty pizza box is what Luke always leave behind when he stays over. I always clean up after him but I don't mind because he helps. But I guess we just got lazy to pick up all the mess. Since it is the Summer, we think we have all the time in the world to throw out the garbage.

My phone vibrates in my pocket and I immediately pick it up once I see that it is my best friend calling.


"Open up your window before I fall on my arse!"

I roll my eyes and walked down the hall into my room. I laughed when I see Harry sitting on the window ledge knocking on the glass window. I hang up and throw my phone on my bed to open the window to let him in.

"You know, you're only 2 feet off the ground." I say when he climbs in.

"I know, I just wanted to add some excitement with me climbing into your window." He smiles and sits on my bed. "Where's your precious Luke?"

"He left. Needed to do some errands." I shrugged.

"Right." He shakes his head. "The summer just started and he rather do some errands instead of being with his girlfriend. Luckily, you have me." He jokes and lays on my bed.

"Whatever," I laugh and lay next to him. "So, what happened with this Destiny chick?"

"Found her kissing her ex boyfriend when me and the lads went to the movies. Liam was the one who spotted her in the back corner."

"What a bitch." I mutter and he chuckles.

"It doesn't matter. I wasn't feeling her anyways. Too boring." He sighs and pulls out his phone to scroll through Twitter then Instagram.

"I understand."

I start to think about what Luke has told me about Harry backing off. Scared, I don't know how to bring it up or know the right words to say. I turn to look at him laying next to me. His dimple deepens when he smiles. I guess something on Twitter or Instagram amused him. He looks so innocent and I don't want to hurt his feelings. We've been through everything together and I don't feel like loosing him as a friend.

"Harry?" I sighed.

"Yeah?" I answers without looking away from his phone.

I sit up to proceed and his eyes focuses at me. Knowing that it is something serious.

"I need to talk to you about something." I look down at my fingers to look away from his stare.

He sits up onto his elbows and raises an eyebrow at me. "Sandra? What's going on?"

I let out a shaky breath. "Luke doesn't want us to be friends anymore. He doesn't like the fact that we hang out."

Harry doesn't say a word. He looks away from me and lays back down on the bed. I wait for him to answer but it seems like he doesn't want to. He unlocks his phone again to avoid from answering. I snatched his phone from his hands and throw it by my pillow.


"So now what?" He says bluntly.

"How do you feel?" I asked while slowly laying back down next to him. He doesn't move away from me and he looks deep into thought.

"I understand why he feels that way, I know-" He stops midsentence as if he didn't want to finish it. "How do you feel about this?" He turns his head towards me; changing the subject.

"I-" I cover my face with my hands. "I don't want to loose you as a friend."

I uncover my face and look at him. He places his large hand over mine and it took me by surprise. Harry just gives me a small smile.

"Then, I guess we end here.."

What? I sit up and softly slap him on the stomach.

"Ah!" He laughs and pushes my shoulder. "I'm kidding! I know you don't want to go through with this. We known each other since the 1st grade. We've been through middle school, high-school, and now going though our third year of college together. No way I'm letting this shit happen."

"Ugh!" I overdramatically fall onto the floor and pretend to faint. "Whyyy!"

Harry falls on his knees besides me. "Nooooo!" He throws his hands up in the air.

"Why is this happening to us!" I dramatically say.

"Yes, and I'm hungry!" Harry yells and throws his head back in laughter before falling onto his stomach next to me on the floor. "I'm serious. I'm starving."

"Chinese?" I asked.

"On you?"

I grunt and pull my wallet out of my pocket.


[Here's an idea on how the friendship of Sandra and Harry is xD I hope you guys are enjoying it so far :/ :) ] xox.

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