Undecided Torture

Sandra has been in a relationship with Luke for a year and a half. Their relationship was her longest and best relationship so far.
Until Luke oddly decided he didn't want to continue..
Harry, Sandra's best friend, comforts her and suddenly told her his dark secrets that she wished she didn't hear, especially from him.
Luke tries to get back into her life and she has no choice but to pick a side: her sorry first lover or her confusing best friend.


2. Best Friends.

The anniversary date went perfectly, besides him being 20 minutes late. We talked like we usually do, and after the dinner, we were lucky enough that the rain stopped to walk around Central Park in the wonderful state of New York.

It is amazing how New York is filled with thousands of rushing people and fast cars and yet I feel like me and Luke are the only two people in the whole city. I smile down at the roses he gave me and promised myself to take care of it once I get home.

"So, did you enjoy your dinner?" He asks me while grabbing for my hand.

"Yes, it was delicious." I smile at him and he kisses my cheek.

"I'm glad you did. I wanted my girl to be happy."

Since it rained, the smell of the wet grass and trees filled my nostrils. The scent made me feel calm until I remembered how Luke brought up the Harry situation at the restaurant.

I don't understand why Luke feels this way. Harry never been a problem before. He kept his distance when he needed to, he gave respect when Luke came around to hang out with me. So what is his deal?

"Luke, why the sudden problem with Harry?" I asked him and he stops to look at me.

"I just-" He runs his fingers through his blonde hair. "I should be the only guy you should be focusing on. I let this slide for too long and I can't take it."

Before I can defend my best friend, he continues.

"I see how he looks at you. I see how he tries to touch you. I see how he stares at your lips. I see everything! And no guy should be looking at you the same way as I." He lets out a deep breath.

"I don't think-"

"Of course!" Luke turns away in frustration. "Of course you will be so quick to defend him. I'm your boyfriend, no matter what you say, I'm going to be against him. It just doesn't feel right, you two together. Especially when I'm not around."

"There's nothing to worry about, babe. If you want, I can talk to Harry and sort things out. I know he doesn't mean no harm." I explained and reach for him to turn towards me. "I love you, Luke."

His blue eyes soften and he rests his forehead against mine. "I love you too, Sandra."

"C'mon, it's almost midnight. Sleep over at my place?" I ask and he smiles. Bringing his lip ring between his teeth.

"Finally, I can rip that dress off of you." he whispers in my ear. No matter how long we've been in this relationship, I will never get over his dirty thoughts.

"You always say things like that when I'm off guard." I blush.

"Please, at the restaurant, I was biting my tongue. You in that tight dress.." He licks his lips, putting his hands on my waist. "You're mine, only mine."


My eyes slowly open and I see that Luke has his arm and leg over me. He is always the one to get clingy while we sleep. He mumbles and I turn to face him. Before I say anything, I take the opportunity to stare at his beauty. Like I always do when we fall asleep together.

"Stop staring at me." His voice was raspy and his eyes were still shut.

"How did you know that I was staring?" I giggle.

"Because I know how creepy you can be." He opens his eyes and laughs at my pretend shocked expression.

"Anyways,-" I got caught off and Luke's lips slammed against mine. A few seconds later, the intensity increases. He was quick to get on top of me and I was a bit nervous since I only slept in his tank top and my underwear.

Luke on the other hand, is just wearing his boxer briefs.

We break the kiss and he looks down at me.

"Lick your lips," He demanded and I ran my tongue over my lips like he asked.

"Mm, now slowly bite it."

I slowly pull my lower lip with my teeth and watched as he bite his. He always ask me to do these things every time he decides to make out. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind. I like the fact that he gets turned on when I do something for him.

Luke begins to leave wet kisses on my neck, down to my shoulder and stopped when he hears my phone vibrate on my computer desk next to my bed. He sighs and lays back down next to me, knowing who it is.

Harry was calling me.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Sandra, I have a problem." Harry's voice is raspy like Luke's, just deeper.

"You always had a problem." I joke but his laugh wasn't the same laugh that I'm use to hearing when I make fun of him.

"It's about Destiny."

Destiny. The Italian girl that Harry met a few weeks back when we went bowling. I was the one who actually put them together.

"What's wrong?" I asked concerned.

"Uh," He sighs. "I kind of ended it."

"What? I thought you guys hit it off?"

"I thought the same. There was no problem until I found her fooling around with someone else."

"What!" I gasped. "Why would she do that? You guys were practically dating!"

"Sandra," Luke whines and sits up.

"Is that Luke?" Harry asked.

"Uh, yeah. He stayed the night."

"Oh yeah, anniversary. But I'll explain everything later. Have fun."

The line goes dead and I turn to a pouting Luke. I have forgotten that Harry was seeing another girl. It's proof that Harry can't interfere with my relationship. I know he means no harm. And now I know why he wanted me to call him when he texted me during dinner last night.

"I thought you were going to talk to him about backing off?" Luke scoffs.

"Yeah, but he had a problem with Destiny. You see, he just wanted to tell his friend about his situation. Nothing else."


Luke gets up and takes one of my towels to take a shower. He looks back at me when he stops at the doorway.

But he walked out without saying a word.


{I know I said that it's going to be based on my life but the only thing I'm adding is the intimacy lol}

'Like' and 'favorite' please! xox 

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