If you loved me

If he loved me he wouldn't have left me
If he cared so much why did he let me suffer
If he was happy would he have stayed

If she loved me she would have looked for me
If she cared so much why did she let me go
If she was happy she wouldn't have watched me walk away

I will always love you


1. Bella

Bella's pov

Three years ago

I stood and watched him walk away, tears streaming down my face.

I loved him.

He loved me, or so I thought.

He told me that it was for the better. He wanted me to be happy, I was happy, with him.

Present day

Now I sat watching tv. Crying my eyes out.

Oh, yeah, I'm Bella. I have long black straight hair. I have blue eyes, like him. When I look in the mirror all I see is an ugly bitch who's been broken for three fucking years.

I decide that I needed to sleep since tomorrow is my first day in senior year.

I just moved to Doncaster about a week ago after my parents abandoned me.

I woke up took a shower and put on a black tshirt Black jeans and line green converse. I put on a sweat shirt to hide my scars. Especially the one on my inner forearm that had the letter L that he caused when he left.

I got to school and as soon as I walked in all eyes were on me. Yay. Sarcasm

"Bella?" I heard a way to familiar voice ask.

I turned around and saw the boy who broke me.

"Louis?" I ran away from his firm grip . Though he had pulled off me jacket to reveal the L shaped scar.

I looked up to see him with tears in his crystal blue eyes. He only said one word:


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