You're Related to Hulk Hogan?!

WWE FF, Jocie Rinks is visiting her traveling uncle.


2. Chapter Two

I don’t own WWE, but I do own my OCs and the matches that you normally don’t see. And I don’t know which cities they’ve gone to in what order, but I’ll just put them however. This story takes place around 2011-14


Chapter 2


“Yeah.” The Big Show stalks off, grumbling under his breath. I laugh as my uncle leads me through the maze that, only a few hours ago, was filled with sweaty, screaming fans. He agrees to let me meet the guys and the Divas.


We walk backstage and a few of the guys actually greet me or shake my hand, but most just nod and go back to whatever they were doing. The Divas were kind of the same way, but a few were ruder. We walk out the back doors and are talking about where I’m staying, when I remember something.


“Hannah! Get out here!”


“JoJo! I’m getting there!” Then, my best friend runs around the corner. “Sorry, I was on the phone with my mom.”


“Uncle Terry, this is Hannah Funk. Hannah, this is my uncle, Terry Gene Bollea. I call him Uncle Hogan.” They shake hands and the three of us walk to my car.


“So, Jocie, you still driving that AMC?”

“Nah. I got this baby!” I turn and show him my new black Dodge Challenger R/T with barbed wire decals. His eyes bug and I grin. This visit is gonna be fun...

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