You're Related to Hulk Hogan?!

WWE FF, Jocie Rinks is visiting her traveling uncle.


1. Chapter One

I know it’s all scripted on WWE, but in this story, it’s all real, okay? If you have a problem with that, don’t read it. Otherwise, enjoy!


Chapter One


One night, after a match in Detroit, I was sitting in the middle of the ring, staring off into space. “Hey, kid! You can’t be here!” I roll my eyes and turn. There in all his tallness, was The Big Show.


“Actually, I can. I’m here, aren’t I?” He narrows his eyes.


“Hey, it’s fine.” A voice says from the other side of the ring. I know that voice!


“Uncle Hogan!” I jump up and run over to the blonde and jump-hug him.


“Uncle?!” The Big Show exclaims.

“Meet my niece, Jocie Rinks.”

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