Paiges life.

An interesting and true story about my life you would enjoy this book as it is really interesting and will get you started please read and tell me what you think x


2. next day in the death trap

The next day I was down the park with my friends and my evil friend Mia she was a bit of a bully but she was never like it to me before was pushing me around and she pushed me over a big log in to the canal I was all stinky an gooey from this after about thirty minutes of drying of I ended up in the death trap the hospital I hated it there and it was allege from the evil witch Mia that place from the log incident I was in the for a long eight hours and it was dreadful after that they plasterd it and I had crutches , I went to school after that and was fine with all my friends my friends drawed all over my cast and I got it everywhere after the 3rd lesson I had p,e and it was upstairs I went upstairs fine but when I came back down I fell on the last step it killed I ended up in a wheel chair for a sprained ankle and ruptured achelles to really painful things bit of life lesson don't go down the stairs on crutches , you probably all new that . I guess I'm just stupid finally I got home and waited for the next adventures day to come .

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