School Life

This is book about a life of a young teenager who has suffered a lot of depression through out her entire school life. Her family used to be perfect, everything was perfect until she was in High School.

This book tells a story of how this one guy came into her life unexpectedly and changed everything in a good way.

Romance and Real Life scenario's.

(I hope you enjoy this book, as I've had an amazing journey writing this book for you guys!)


1. Prologue

Don't you hate it when you have no absolute idea why you're in this world. I don't understand what I'm doing her for. No one cares about me, and no one ever fights for me. I've built this big bridge, to not let anyone in my life anymore. Everyone I've let in my life in the past, have always hurt me. I don't have many friends. I'm in my last year of High School, isn't it mean to be the best year of your life? I'm confused and lost, I don't know what to do anymore.

School has been so stressful, assignments after assignments. I can't handle so much pressure. I just want a life that has no drama, no one who backstabs and are fake. I hate this and I'm sick of it. 

Aren't family meant to always be there for you? Aren't sisters meant to be there for you, instead of always being with that guy who is too old for you. I guess people say age is just a number. My sister is a person who likes to sleep around with men. Rich mean, she's only this with guy because he's rich. He owns 13 businesses. I know I shouldn't be talking so badly about my sister but I think what's shes doing is wrong. I'm not going to but into her bussiness though, it's her life. 

She had a boyfriend while she was sleeping with this older guy. They've only known each other for 2 months and they think they're in love with each other. I know people have different opinions about and on love, but I think you have to know someone for about 5-6 months before you know you actually love them. You might just be very smitten over them. This is what I think, if you think differently then that's your opinion and I'm not going to argue. 

I've never been in love, I honestly don't think I will either. You never know it might change when I'm older. I know I'm still young, but people fall in love at this age.

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