Our Secret

Avalon Jensen was a the typical girl you'd see at school. Her grades were average and she had tons of friends.
Everything was fine until she met Derrick Sonnet again. Derrick leaves lingering touches on her body and she just can't help but get addicted. She can't fight the burning chemistry they have either.
But that's not even the bad part yet.
Derrick is already taken; by Avalon's sister, Stella.


2. Chapter One

"I can't wait for you to meet him!" Stella exclaimed during dinner.

I groaned and stuffed my burger in my mouth. Mom looked at me with that look that clearly mean't, "Don't be rude". Then she looked at Stella and smiled.

"Why don't you tell us his name, Stella?" She asked.

I knew Stella had just shook her head because last night even when I wasn't asking, she said he was going to be a surprise to us. I swear, I think I hate him already. I remember when I was this happy to see someone, and it didn't end well.

"Sorry mom, no can do. He's gonna be a surprise to you guys," Stella happily said. She was like a tsunami in her seat; jumping up and down happily and bobbing her head side to side.

I suddenly lost my appetite thinking of Derrick and got up, leaving my half eaten burger on my plate. I could feel Stella stop bouncing up and down and look at me, but I didn't want to be near happy people.

"Was it something I said?" I heard Stella ask.

"No sweetheart. Remember? Avalon's stressed with school, don't worry," I heard mom tell her.

I slammed my bedroom door closed and jumped into bed. Yep, I told mom I was acting up because of school. Truth is, I can't stop thinking about that jerk, Derrick. I still can't believe mom bought that.


"I'm going to the library," I told mom as I closed the front door. She couldn't respond before I ran off the lawn and down the street.

I took my phone out and went straight to Derrick's text message he sent me. Gotta tell you somethin

I felt my heart bu-dump inside me. There was something wrong, I could feel it.

Looking to the left and the right before heading up his porch, I made sure no one saw me. I should be ignoring him and stopping what I've been doing with him, but I can't. Who cares if I'm fifteen? I love him.

After one knock, the door immediately opened. Derrick's mom stood there and smiled sweetly at me. "Hey, Avalon. Derrick's upstairs," she informed me.

"Thanks Mrs. Sonnet," I said and ran up the stairs.

It felt like I was running up the stairs for years before I finally got to the top step and skipped it. What's going on? I walked up to Derrick's door and slowly opened it, expecting the worst.

But he just sat there on his bed, looking dead. I quickly shut the door and his head moved towards me.

"Your here?" He asked, like he was hoping I wouldn't come.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I have come?" I asked. I knew the confusion showed on my face when he sighed heavily. He patted the empty spot beside him and I shook my head. "What's going on?"

He held his head in his hands and fell onto his back. "Can I kiss you?" He asked.

"You don't have to ask," I tried to playfully say, but failed. He sadly chuckled and sat back up, catching me off guard by grabbing my belt loop and pulling me onto his lap. "Derrick..."

"Shh," he whispered before hungrily kissing me. My hands pulled his neck closer and our tongues danced. Everything seemed like a blur with the way he was touching me.

His hands fell to my ass and squeezed them. I think I moaned, but I'm not sure. I could feel my hands creeping down to his lap and he growled.

He moved his lips to my chest and mumbled,"Damn Avalon." That's all it took for me to slip my hand into his jeans. He moaned against my tank top and pulled it over my head. He didn't even take the time to unclip my bra, only pulled the straps down enough to get the bud of them.

He began to make swirls with his tongue and massaged the other side. Now I know I made noise. I could feel him pinch them and suck them. "Oh god," I whispered.

My hand slipped out of his jeans and began to undo his belt. The noise made Derrick move faster, and his free hand began to trail south. I could feel myself arch against him, and then I pushed.

He was suddenly on top of me, but stumbled back. Our breaths were heavy and it was all you could hear for a moment.

I missed his touch already. His kisses and the way he had said my name. But there was something wrong and he was stalling.

I quickly pulled my straps back up and straighten myself out. He didn't bother to zip his jeans up or re-do his belt. He just watched me with something in his eyes.

"Why'd you ask me to come?" I asked.

"Am I not allowed to ask you to come over?" He harshly shot back. I felt my heart slump and got up from his bed.

Searching for my tank top, I ignored him. I don't want to get into a fight. I looked under his bed and found the bright blue tank top.

"Why aren't you responding?" He annoyingly asked. I finally looked at him and sighed. In his eyes I realized what was there. He looked so tired and there was pain in his eyes. Was it pain for me or him?

"Why are you mad? I just asked why you told me to come," I said. I tried smoothing my hair, but winced when I touched my neck.

"I just..." He paused. "I don't know if I can do this." I finally realized he had given me a hickey. Then I realized what he had said as well.

Turning around, I tried to hide my pain. I'm not sure if it showed, but he looked ashamed still. "Why?"

He looked out his window to avoid my gaze. "It's just.. Why do we have to hide this? Don't you want your parents to know about us? Only my mom knows about us," he gloomily said.

I thought of Becca and how she was beginning to like Cooper Fabler, but she said she still kind of liked Derrick. "I guess your right. We can't do this anymore."

Without looking back, I walked out of his room. Out of his world.

As I made my way down the stairs Mrs. Sonnet came with a smile. "Are you coming tomorrow, Avalon?" She asked.

I didn't respond, only hugged her tight. I felt my sobs choke out finally. It was such a lame move, crying in his mom's arms. She began to pat my back and rock back and forth. "Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry," she'd murmur in my ear.

I was sorry too. I couldn't risk hurting Becca, we'd been friends since Pre-K. I loved her like a sister and I was scared.

The day I came home I went right to bed and turned my music up high. The music made my cries muffled.

I broke my phone and got a new number. Derrick kept texting me and calling and his mom would call from his phone, telling me that he came home drunk. At age fifteen it disappointed her, she'd say. And she hoped, maybe I could come check on him just once. I couldn't go down that road and fall in love with that guy again, so I broke my phone as an excuse to mom and got a new number.

Apparently while Derrick was drunk he was with his friends, so he'd babbled to them about why he was drinking. And pretty soon everyone teased me about it. Becca was mad at first, hearing that I was with the guy she was crushing on. But soon she came around and forgave me. I still love her like a sister. She's dating Cooper now.

And Derrick tried apologizing more than once. I pretended not to notice though. I can't look at him and fall for his stupid ass eyes.

I feel bad for Stella. Whoever got her in Happy Land is gonna tear that world apart. That's how it always ends.

I turned to the side and grabbed my phone. Text from Becca. Party at Matt's ;)

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