Not happening

When One direction comes to Elaras school she couldn't care less. She is sick of all the screaming fan girls (and occasional boy) she just wants to end it all.


1. Elara

Just another normal day at school. Isabel trying to get me to read, Betty trying to talk to me about One direction and Emilie trying to talk to me before Eliza pulls me away. It was normal until One direction walked in. A huge swarm went for autographs and a quarter including Betty fainted. I just sat there. When everyone had been cleared away Harry came up to me. "Why didn't you come for an autograph?" He asked winking "just cuz" I reply rolling my eyes and leaning back in my seat. "Wait there" he instructed me as he walked up to his 'gang'. Then he came back with an autographed photo of them, Yay. The teacher said that they had to go to each persons house for a month. "Any preferences boys?" The teacher asked Harry pointed to me "her" he said nooooooo this isn't happening to me! Louis after persuading went to Betty's, and you don't need to know the rest.

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