My body is dead, but my soul is not. I'm just a ghost nobody notices and nobody sees. Then I start following a guy and that guy is Zayn Malik.


4. oops:Fella

He was getting ready for his concert, he was talking with his mates "Perrie dumped me" Zayn told his band "we'll find you some one Zaynie" Harry told him "Who would be good?" Lous asked and they all thought in silence, I hovered up to his ear until I was almost touching it, "I love you" I tell him knowing he won't hear "what was that?" He said breaking the silence "I heard some one talk he says looking around. Crap if a ghost hangs around (me) very slowly you can hear them, soon he will hear me just as if I was there. Then when that happens he will see my outline and then become like my little brother, he can see ghosts.

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