My body is dead, but my soul is not. I'm just a ghost nobody notices and nobody sees. Then I start following a guy and that guy is Zayn Malik.


1. Nobody: Fella

Nobody notices me, nobody sees me and nobody hears me. That's the way I like it, I used to be a someone. My past is bad so I'm bringing it up for you only. My father is bad, my mum didn't want a child but he did and he made it happen whether my mum liked it or not. When he found out I was a girl he hated my on the spot. Mum loved me and that was fine until she died. The police said it was a heart attack but it wasn't I saw my dad do it. He did one last thing before he killed her, he got a son just like he wanted. Then one night I saw him put poison in my mums glass. I tried to warn her but he threatened to hurt me. The next morning mum was gone and I was alone with a so called dad and a year old brother. I didn't want to live any more so I went the same way as mum. Don't ask again and don't ask me questions, ok? My brother Timmy is fine and my dad is happy. I call in on Timmy, he can see me but dad can't.

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