My body is dead, but my soul is not. I'm just a ghost nobody notices and nobody sees. Then I start following a guy and that guy is Zayn Malik.


3. His house: Fella

He went to a big hotel after the concert. His room had everything you could think of, flat screen tv, huge bath and a four poster bed! Nothing I would have even seen. Back with dad he had a tv in his room but I wasn't even allowed near his room. Zayn went to have a shower and I set up my ghost bed. That is a blanket,pillow and teddy. Then dinner was brought in. It was amazing. It was a very large and perfectly cooked lamb, with rosemary sauce! Yumm, even I was hungry! Then he went to bed "Goodnight" he said out loud. Goodnight I thought as I floated into bed.

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