My body is dead, but my soul is not. I'm just a ghost nobody notices and nobody sees. Then I start following a guy and that guy is Zayn Malik.


5. Hello:Fella

"Zayn can you hear me?" I ask him as we get back to his hotel "yes who is it?" He asks "my name is Fella, Mary Horan." I say "Horan?" He asks "that's my last name " Niall is Niall Horan" he replies "any way I was born on the 6th of August 1956. So I'm your age." I tell him "are you hiding in my wall?" He asks "I died on 12th September 2012" I finish "died... DIED! So your dead?" He asks "yep I'm a ghost" I tell him "ok, head ache going to sleep" he says "goodnight" I say

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