Neverending love?

Niall and Betty are married and have a kid. What happens when another man comes into view?


2. Surprise: Niall

I'm sitting in McDonald's having my lunch break when my phone rings 🎶Queen🎶, "hello?" I say hello "Hun it's me" says Betty on The other line "I just came back from the doctors" she adds "so what is it that is making my baby sick?" I ask "I'm pregnant" she tells me "that's great news, how long?" I ask "I'm three months in" she says " I will be home straight away, love you" I say and press hang up BEEP. "Hey Bill I need to go home, family issues" I call to my boss " there had better be a good reason or I'm not letting you off" he calls back " my wife is pregnant" I reply "oh ok, good luck" he adds as I rush out the door

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