Neverending love?

Niall and Betty are married and have a kid. What happens when another man comes into view?


6. First birthday: Niall

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Amy, Happy birthday to you." We sang to Amy as it was her first birthday. We got hat a little church dress, Granny got her a doll, Aunty Anna got her some gloves and a beanie and her Uncle poddy got her a tooth brush. That night I had a bad dream, it said "why is the baby's hair black. You and Betty have blonde hair...." And then it trailed off. I woke up with a dart and walked into Amy's room. There she was sleeping with her BLACK hair, I will get a DNA check tommorow

The next morning

"Hey Betty, can we get a DNA test on Amy today?" I ask "Why Hun?" She asks we were drunk on the night you got pregnant so it might not of been me." I tell her "why would you think that Niall?" She asks "her hair is black baby." I say "fine she replies looking right at me "we pick up Amy and take her to the doctors. "We will get her immunisations after if we can" Betty tells me "sure" i say "hello, I heard you want a DNA test on Amy" he tells us "yes" I reply. After he takes our blood and puts it on the computer he examines it. "This isn't what you would expect" he tells us "what?" I ask "it's not your DNA Niall" he says "do you know whose it is?" He asks "no" he says "I think I do, can you keep the blood and I will bring someone tomorrow" I tell him "bye then" he says

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