Meet in the middle

She had never been anywhere but Olympus, she was born there she will die there.Zeus and Athena are her over protective parents name....Her name?Roxanna.
He had been all over the mortal land, hades, olympus, and anywhere else you could imagine.he is the son of Satan, thoe he dosent wish to be.soon thoe his father whom he hates for murdering his mother and so many other unspeakable things, will be de throned and he will be satan a lonely man,too scary for any woman in the right mind to love.and Roxanna is not in the right mind far from it.his name is Niall, Niall Horan


2. chapter 1:forced and lonely

Roxannas pov

"Mother you cannot force me!"I screamed in tears."im sorry its not my choice its your fathers"she yelled back at me.she hates teats and will marry this man whether u like it or not."she said again less forcefully. "Mother iam not ready yet I wanna be loved for who iam not beacause im being forced.""Roxanna you will do as I please and w

hat I please is that you marry this man!"and with that she left.i love my mom and dad to pieces its just that ...ugh I dont know! I need to leave.i am going to the mortal world but ive never been im terified what will happen.?

Nialls pov

"Son"my father calls on me."yes father im here""ive decided to dethrone myself, sooo I will be passing the throne down to you."he said sounding a bit disapointed that hes passing it down to me instead of my brother greg."father please no I do not want it!"I said scared and unsure what he would do to me hell probably hit me but im-my thoughts were interupted by a sharp stinging pain on my right cheek.he slapped me."thats to bad cause its my decision and you will take it.!"with that I ran to my room grabing my knife and cutting the portal to the mortal world into my bedroom floor.i cant stay here no leaving forever.if I stay and take the throne I will be a lonely and unhappy man to scary for any woman in the right mind to im leaving.

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