The Sorcerers Of The Kingdom: Fairytales Gone Wrong


1. A Not-so-welcoming conflict-filled introduction to the world of Disney Sorcerers and Sorceresses.

This isn't just some fairy tale but if that's what you want to believe, well, don't say I didn't warn you. So let's just say you actually are going to believe any of the trash I say- hard to follow, I realise- you have to be sworn into secrecy. I'm joking, of course. James won't let me do that and this human journal has certain..... Restrictions. I can deal with those, but we need your help. Now I'm sure by now you've heard if the Sorerers Of The Kingdom. Cute little interactive portal scavenger hunt thing at magic kingdom. Honestly it's PERFECT for little annoying children. Sadly, we're not your average little kids. We make an intricate team- all twenty-one-and-a-half of us. Most of us were just human kids- that is, until we saw the real magic behind what's going on in the Disney world. If you don't believe any of this, just flip the page, because it gets a whole lot weirder, folks.

Okay, so here's the basics of our little.... Predicament. Hades, god of the underworld- heaven forbid he didn't get a full title- has decided to take over the magical realms of Disney. It's not just a theme park folks, but it's actually a small hidden country in the outermost reaches of Europe. (Somewhere near Arendelle, Norway. Heard there's pretty intense summers there) Anywho, the Jesus of the dead prefers to rule the living because thousands of wailing dead people weren't enough for him, so he decided to recruit some of Disney's nastiest, and most disposable villains ever created for little kids to be entertained with.

And I'm not just talking Captain Hook here- anyone you can think of from Hans the little Ginger mastermind to That creepy voodoo guy that basically talked Tiana and Naveen for five weeks. Ever heard of Cruella DeVille? Well, I she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will. Ow. Okay, well James just smacked me with a journal because I'm being too 'punny'! How dare he accuse me of such things!?!? What was I saying? Oh, right. The DeVille puns. The scariest thing around here (on land at least) is probably the Llama-and-sweater-obsessed freaky birdish lady, Eyzma. Creepy lady, really. She has a henchman named Kronk who likes to bake. His food is actually pretty good, I've heard- you know, when it's not turning people into four-legged spit-shooting creeps who-

Hello, James here. Sorry for.... whatever that was above me. Cadence over here has a running mind and it hadn't seemed to come back. Anyways, we need new recruits for the Sorcerers Of The Kingdom- and believe me, you wot want to pass up the chance to be a part of this. Apart from the interesting name, the Sorcerers are actually a group of magicians working alongside the ever-busy Merlin to help ring down Hades and his bumbling band of buffoons known as Disney Villains. Sure, from a television screen, Captain Hook seems like a funny, and admirable villain with bad taste in clothing, but you've obviously never actually met the guy. And you may not want to, but as I said- we need recruits. There's tech work that needs to be done, royal pets that need tending to, and princesses- even some princes- that need protection from the vile people that hunt them down.

If you were to become an actual Sorcerer, you'd probably get an easy job like a Sorcerer's apprentice or a portal tracker, and eventually go on to be a villain tracker. Bottom line- we need you to help, and just by reading this book and making others believe in us, you could save our lives. With the weight of this information holding you down, I leave the space to have you think about this as we keep doing work to stop Hades.

P.s. This is a magical journal that is connected to another one at or home base in I-can't-tell-you-where-ville, Europe, so the updated entries may not be brought to this journal for a while. There is also a spell put on it so only Sorcerers can write in it, and only certain non-villain people can read it. Good luck,

Cadence and James.

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