Poor boy

even the unbreakable can take so much even with the exception of a mystic force inside you


1. The way the world sees me

I wake up in the morning my head killing me I look outside the window and see a bird with her two hatchlings she feeds each one their rations and takes the rest for her self.  I always wondered how it was to fly with no struggles or pain, I used to think that I could just spread my arms and suddenly I would grow wings and fly away, that way I wouldn't have to struggle anymore.  I walk away from the window, abandoning the daydream I put on my shoes and some jeans they have holes in them and aren't very nice looking but at least im wearing clothes.  I put on my blue shirt with the Kansas Jayhawks on it.  I walk into the kitchen and look in the fridge my stomach cringes as I see there is nothing to eat I close it and walk to the bus stop.  When I make it back to the bus stop they all point at me and say ohh look who it is the poor boy.

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