Poor boy

even the unbreakable can take so much even with the exception of a mystic force inside you


2. The secret

"That's the best name you could come up with but really, poor boy." The other people at the bus stop and look I can already hear the rumors spreading like wildfire.  The oldest kid pushes me and throws me on the ground I get to my feet quick "I am not a push over!" I say with a sneer I lunge at him my fists ready for contact with his face when I hear the bus roll up.  The bus driver comes out and screams " Ethan Hallmark, as soon as we get to the school you go to the principles office." I look at her with a sneer she reaches out and slaps me I scream loud and fall to the floor the bus driver then pulls out a knife and cuts my cheek slowly I scream louder then the bus driver yells at me and tells me if I tell anyone she will kill me.

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