Lost *Liam Payne*

When she was here, every day was full of light and happiness. Her smile would light up the darkest of days, blue eyes sparkling bright, hair as yellow as the sun. There was never a point in time when I was unhappy when she was around.

Until now.

Now, the skies are grey, dark and depressed. All happiness has disappeared...along with her. She's gone. She left. She never came back.
She's lost. But I'm determined to find her.


6. Chapter 6

"Well...that was different..." Wendy mumbles once the echoing from Niall's slam silences. My eyes closed, I try to concentrate on stopping the now flowing tears running down my face. 

Harmonie. Her name echoed within me, bringing back memories from years past, memories where I felt true happiness. But then it all shattered when she became lost. No one knew where she had gone. Not a single soul. Niall and his family blamed me for what had happened, at first.

I became depressed, turning to alcohol and drugs, self harm and suicide attempts during that dark period of my life. Niall was the one who eventually saved me from my own destruction. Niall was the one who understood the pain I was feeling at the loss of his sister, at the loss of the love of my life. He finally convinced his family that I was not the reason for Harmonie Horan's disappearance.

I began to find my way back to the light. I would have good days more and more as time went on, but there was always those bad days every now and then. Niall was there for every one of them, no matter how busy he was. He made sure I was never alone in my time of need. 

I guess none of that matters now, for the look of pure hatred that I had just witnessed on the Irish boys face spoke a thousand words to me. He was mad, he was upset, confused, hurt, and in pain. 

He threw every ounce of those feelings at my face as the foundation of our once strong friendship crashed down to the ground. And I have a feeling that it may never be able to build back up again, not unless we find her. Not unless we bring Harmonie back into our lives.

"Liam? Are you ok?" Wendy's voice brings me out of my thoughts, my gaze meeting hers. The way she stood in front of me, her large pajama pants, messy long hair and innocent expression on her face, she looked like a little girl. A scared, worried little girl. 

"Yeah, I'll be fine..." I mumble, turning my back to her to face the rising sun. I didn't dare go back inside to face Niall or possibly the other boys. I wasn't up for anymore questions or conflicts at the moment. I just wanted some peace. 

I waited until the sound of Wendy's moving feet stopped and the front door clicked closed. Then I broke down, my body crumbling to the porch floor and sobs erupted from me. 

"Harmonie..." I whisper in between sobs. "Harmonie, where are you?" I curl up in a ball, crying myself to a restless slumber.
Wendy's POV
As I walk back to my small room in the house, I replay in my mind everything that just happened. 

Me going outside because I couldn't sleep, and Liam joining me for possibly the same reason. 

Me learning about Liam's past and the girl that he had lost so long ago. 

Liam's soft lips crashing onto mine, awakening a fire within me, a feeling I have never experienced before I met him. 

Niall appearing on the porch, jealousy radiating off of him in waves. 

Niall, in his strong Irish accent, revealing the lost girls name, Harmonie. A name that I know all too well, a name that has been stuck with me for what seems like a lifetime.

Should I tell the boys about Harmonie? Should I tell them that they have come to the right place? Should I let Liam, the first boy I have ever had feelings for, leave me for the blonde girl that showed up here a year ago with nothing more than a passport and a couple of bags?

All of these questions and images rush through my head, pounding through me like a storm. Plopping down upon my bed, I peer out my window, watching as the morning light pours into my dank room. The kids will be waking up within a couple of hours, along with the five special boys staying here. What am I going to do? 

A sigh empties out of my mouth, my eyes squeezing shut as my head begins to pound. Too much is happening at once for me. Pulling my blankets up over my head, I allow myself to get comfortable as exhaustion finally takes over me. 

Right before everything goes black, the faint sound of a musical laugh I once knew plays in my head. It was then that I knew what I had to do.

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