Lost *Liam Payne*

When she was here, every day was full of light and happiness. Her smile would light up the darkest of days, blue eyes sparkling bright, hair as yellow as the sun. There was never a point in time when I was unhappy when she was around.

Until now.

Now, the skies are grey, dark and depressed. All happiness has disappeared...along with her. She's gone. She left. She never came back.
She's lost. But I'm determined to find her.


29. Chapter 29

Wendy's POV
"We will be there soon, love...and when I get there, I'm never going to let you go again..." Niall whispers into the phone, causing my heart to beat wildly, chills running down my spine. I can hear the promising tone in his seductive voice.The way his Irish accent differentiates  his words from mine, I can't even control myself when he talks to me. 

"Ok...I love you, Ni..." I mumble, fanning myself off, trying to control the nervous energy running through me. Just twenty more minutes...twenty more minutes of excruciating patience that I must endure before I get to hug, kiss, feel my Niall again.

"Wenwy?" A small, familiar voice calls out to me, messing up the sound of my name. I turn around, grinning slightly, as little Emerson waddles into the room, his chubby little body just getting used to the bodily experience of walking. 

"Come here, little guy!" I say, scooping him up into my arms, his small dimples appearing as he giggles wildly. I swing him around my bedroom, making airplane noises, the little boy's smile never failing. Placing him on my shoulders, we march out to the living room where Harmonie is, all of the kids playing on the floor together. 

"Hey, Harm!" I exclaim, setting an excited Emerson onto the carpeted floor with the other children, giggles and happy screeches filling the room. 

The blonde girl never even budges, her wide blue eyes staring blankly out of the front window, our brand new white curtains surrounding her like a veil thanks to the light breeze flowing into the house.

"Hi..." She whispers, obviously conflicted with we own thoughts, frown lines aging her face instantly as she concentrates.  Hesitantly, Harmonie wraps her thin arms around her body. Her flowing white maxi dress covers her all the way down to the floor, a skinny sky blue belt pulled tight around her figure to show off her slim waste. 

I can't help but just stand there in awe, watching my best friend stare out the window, her long golden hair pulled off to her side in a loose plaited style. Not a bit of makeup, other than a slight hint of baby pink lip gloss, hinders her true facial beauty. Standing there, glancing out the open window, lace curtains dancing around her, she looks like what I would imagine an angel would be. 

Envy fills me to an unstoppable amount. My red hair, it doesn't compare to her gorgeous blonde locks. My wide green eyes, they don't even stand a chance against Harmonie's ocean blue irises. Her curvy yet slim figure beats out my lanky skinniness. No wonder all these guys want her back. Will they still want me once they have her?

As if she notices my blank stares, her gaze never leaving the window, she mumbles, "What's the matter? Do I look bad?" Her fair face finally glances over to me, nervously pulling at her dress and adjusting her perfect hair. I grin at her, shaking my head as I approach her location by the window, leaving my corrupted thoughts behind me.

"You look beautiful, Harm. Liam will be amazed...he won't be able to take his eyes off of you." I explain, running a hand through my red, straitened hair. Her worried eyes soften slightly, a small smile playing on her lips. 

"Thanks Wen...I'm just so nervous..." She mumbles, her faint Irish accent still so much like her brothers. I jokingly bump her with my side, causing her to giggle as I blow off her statement. 

"You have absolutely nothing to worry about! Everything is working out as it should. We just have to wait...twenty minutes Harm, twenty minutes." I state, adjusting my  knee length grey dress that she forced me to wear. "I seriously hate this thing!" I exclaim, throwing her a glare which causes her to bust out laughing.

Just as soon as the laughter came, it left, leaving the atmosphere tense and uncomfortable. Harmonie returns to her quiet thoughtfulness, her gaze once again locked somewhere outside of the widow. I sigh, leaving her to herself as the kids begin to run mad around the house.

Harmonie's POV
He's going to hate me. They're all going to hate me. It'll be just as if I were still gone, nowhere to be found. The boys...they won't want to even be near me once I tell them everything, once they know the truth.

Liam...my Liam...what will he say? What will he do? I know what I would do. If I were him, i would leave and never speak to me again. Never associate with me, never think of me, never speak of me. I would forget anything and everything that we ever had...what we could have...

And that's exactly what I'm going to tell him. Once he knows about Lily and the betrayal, I will tell him to leave and forget. That's it. That's all I can do to help him deal with all of the pain that I have put him through, that I will put him through once he is here.

Once Lily's real father knows...I don't know what I'm going to do. I've kept her here in Neverland, hidden away from everyone, having her think of me as 'Aunt Mo'. Will I ever be 'mummy' to her? Will her father...will he want us to become this happy little family?

So many questions fill my mind, not one answer revealing itself to me. I stand there, fighting back the frustrated tears that threaten to pour out of me. This is possibly the longest twenty minutes of my life. What could be taking them so long? 

The thought barely enters my mind as a yellow taxi pulls up to the curb of Neverland. My heart practically halts in my chest, eyes widening to the point of insanity. I begin to shallowly hyperventilate, the thought of seeing any of the five boys making me panic. 

I'm not ready for this.

Just as I'm about to leave the window, just as I'm about to abandon everyone and everything here...just like I had done so long ago, I make eye contact with the one person in this world that I dread seeing just as much as I fear seeing Liam.

I lock eyes with Lily's father...

He stands there, in complete shock, face draining to an unnatural white. I back away from the window before any of the other boys see me, rushing off to my room. 

I pace the room for a minute, thinking through everything. What am I going to do? Think Harmonie, think. Angry tears begin to fall from my eyes, my hands embedded tightly into my now messy hair. Then, it hits me.

I race over to my old bookshelf, quickly ripping a page out of a favorite book of mine, writing down everything that needs to be said and done. Folding it up, I rush out of my room like a mad woman.

"Lily!" I call out, searching the house for my little girl. After a minute or two, she comes running to me, tripping over her own two feet. She falls face first onto the floor, her blonde curls flying out around her.I pull her up into my arms, shushing her as she cries into my chest, a small bruise already forming on her little forehead. 

Then, I hear Wendy stomping her way through the house towards the entryway of Neverland, telling me that the boys are about to comd inside. The sound of the cherry red door opening makes me feel sick, panic flooding my body.

Holding onto Lily, along with a bag of her things, I make my way towards the back of the house, stopping in the kitchen for a mere second or two before going to my final destination. Lily, finally calming down from her injury, begins to doze off in my arms. I try to keep us as silent as possible, not wanting anyone else to know I'm here.

They can't find me, not yet. 

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