Lost *Liam Payne*

When she was here, every day was full of light and happiness. Her smile would light up the darkest of days, blue eyes sparkling bright, hair as yellow as the sun. There was never a point in time when I was unhappy when she was around.

Until now.

Now, the skies are grey, dark and depressed. All happiness has disappeared...along with her. She's gone. She left. She never came back.
She's lost. But I'm determined to find her.


27. Chapter 27

A/N: Hi guys! Ok, I'm sorry it took me forever to update this weekend! I've just been so busy the past couple of days and don't even get me started on the writer's block that I'm dealing with at the moment. This chapter is...not one of my best. I'm sorry, but I just wanted to get something up there for you guys. I hope you like it!

Liam's POV
"Li! Just smile for me!" My beautiful girlfriend begs, her big camera held up against her face, aimed for the picture she desperately wants. I chuckle deeply, hiding my smile with my hands, enjoying every minute of her struggle with me.

She huffs, dropping her hands down to her hips, hand still clenched onto her beloved camera. Small bits of her long, blonde hair are beginning to fall out of the intricate braid placed down the back of her neck. Her blue eyes glare at me, her eyebrows furrowing together. I stand my ground, loving how cute she is when she gets annoyed with me.

"Liam James Payne...you're being a naughty boy..." She mumbles, sticking out her hip as she relaxes into her pose. Her hand gently sets her camera on the coffee table next to the couch that I'm currently sitting on in my living room. 

I grin beneath my hands, watching as she begins to release her wavy hair from the tight braid. She must've noticed, a sly smirk appearing on her plump lips, her white teeth dazzling. Shaking out her long locks, she gives out a little giggle as I make myself comfortable on the couch, loving the little show I am receiving.

Her hands move to the hem of her loose, cerulean blue shirt, my breathing beginning to go shallow as she lifts the piece of clothing up over her head, leaving only her pure white bandeau top to cover her chest.

"A very, very naughty boy..." Harmonie whispers, climbing her way slowly up to rest on my lap. I gulp quite loudly, my hands slipping down away from my mouth, me finding it hard to control myself. 

My shaky hands make their way up her tanned legs, past her white shorts, placing themselves on her slim hips. Harmonie leans down, placing kisses along my jawline, causing a small whimper to leave my mouth.

I never once feel her delicate hands, only her soft lips. My breathing hitches in my throat as her mouth makes contact with mine, a smile evident on her face. I grin back, loving our happy little kisses. 

For a little while, it seemed as if she was struggling with something, but then she recovers. I pay no mind to it, my smile never faltering. All at once, a bright flash goes off in my face, Harmonie's lips no longer on mine. 

"Got it!" The small Irish girl yells out victoriously, her big, black camera in her hands, a triumphant grin on her sweet face. She looks over the picture, nodding in approval. "This is definitely a keeper!" She explains showing off the picture of a wide eyed, puckered lipped me.

"You're gonna pay for that!" I yell out, flipping us over so I am on top of her. I begin to tickle her sides, her laughter filling the house. As I tickle her with one hand, I snatch her camera with the other, snapping picture after picture of her.

"Liam! Liam! Oh my God, Liam! I'm gonna pee!" She squeals, crying she's is laughing so hard. I stop, giving her a second to breathe. I stare down at her, looking over every inch of her face, finding myself falling deeper and deeper in love with Harmonie Horan.

"I love you, Harmonie..." I whisper down to her. Her wide blue eyes meet mine, a small smile appearing on her lips.

"I love you too, Li-"

"Liam wake up! Liam! Wake up!" A deep, raspy voice pulls me out of my dream. Wide eyes, heart beating rapidly, breathing frantic, I stare at Harry who had been shaking my shoulder. 

"Morning, sleeping beauty!" The Cheshire boy jokes, his curly hair long and unkept, yet looking styled at the same time. "Come on, we are in LAX..." Harry explains, it finally registering in my head that the plane has landed, and apparently has been for a while now.

Making our way off the plane, Lou puts his arm around me, hugging me to his side. Him, Harry, and Zayn had met up with Niall and I at the hospital before we left Kansas. It had been like a family reunion, the five of us boys like brothers who hadn't seen each other is years.

"Ready to go back to Neverland?" Zayn asks, walking up to us with Niall carrying a bag of Doritos. Louis and Harry nod their heads excitedly, getting into a conversation with the Muslim boy about how much they missed the kids. 

We all begin to walk out of the airport, our bags slung over our shoulders. I fall behind the group, lost in thought. I hadn't even thought about the fact that we had traveled all the way to Kansas and had not even learned a thing as to where Harmonie had went.

She's just as lost as he had been in the beginning of this trip. 

"You ok, buddy?" Niall's Irish accent pulls me out of my thought, his face full of concern as he waits for me by the exit of LAX. I nod slowly, glancing down at the ground, adjusting my flat bill hat.

"Don't worry, Li. I have a feeling she is closer than you think..." He mumbles, sliding on his Ray Bans before the two of us exit LAX. I awkwardly walk out with him, confused at his statement.

Is there something he isn't telling me?

Harmonie's POV
"Niall just texted me...they'll be here in about half an hour!" Wendy announces, excitement evident in her voice. All of the kids cheer, running through the house screaming. 

I cover my ears, chuckling deeply as all the boys come back, tackling Wen to the ground. Lily, on the other hand, attempts to climb up onto the couch with me, her little body not quite big enough yet.

"Hey there, baby girl..." I say, picking her up, placing her on my lap, facing me. She grins at me, more and more teeth appearing in we small mouth now. She has his sweet smile, I realize. She looks just like me, but acts just like him.

"Daddy come?!" He asks excitedly, bouncing up and down in my lap. I laugh at her cuteness, a sensation of longing in my heart. Longing for our little family to be together.

"Daddy's coming baby girl...daddy's coming..." I say, kissing her forehead softly as she lays her head on my chest. I rock her back and forth, humming a little song to her. As her breathing deepens, I know she has fallen asleep.

Walking her to her little room, I begin to worry. Her daddy is coming. Lily's father, her real father, is coming. He's coming, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I'm going to have to tell everyone the truth.

I'm going to have to tell Liam...

He's not Lily's father.

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