Lost *Liam Payne*

When she was here, every day was full of light and happiness. Her smile would light up the darkest of days, blue eyes sparkling bright, hair as yellow as the sun. There was never a point in time when I was unhappy when she was around.

Until now.

Now, the skies are grey, dark and depressed. All happiness has disappeared...along with her. She's gone. She left. She never came back.
She's lost. But I'm determined to find her.


17. Chapter 17

Chapter 17
Niall's POV
"Wendy...he was so pale...there was...so much blood..." I whisper into the phone, pacing the length of the waiting room over and over. It is three in the morning here and I am totally exhausted.

Telling Wendy what had happened with Liam, it was one of the worst things I've ever had to do. She instantly broke down, her sobs being heard, not just by me, but by Zayn, Louis, and Harry. The four of us boys could hear the sounds of the Neverland kids questioning Wendy, asking her if everything was ok, asking her what was wrong. It was heart breaking.

My three best friends, all just as shocked and upset over the situation as Wendy and I, shot me sad glances, a tear or two slipping from Louis' blue eyes.

"I didn't realize it was getting this bad again..." The Doncaster  boy whispers, leaning his tired head on Harry's shoulder. Harry's emerald eyes haven't moved from the floor, his complexion pale. Zayn sits on the other side of the room with his head in his hands, dealing with the situation silently and alone.

"I'm going to go...maybe Liam will be up for visitors..." I whisper into the phone, wishing with every ounce of my being that I could just hold her, even for a few moments. That alone could make me stronger...I need her here with me. But I could never ask that of her. Not with all of the kids.

Wendy takes in a shaky breath, sadness evident in her voice as she speaks, "Take care of him, Niall...he needs you right now." I can feel tears brimming the edges of my eyes. 

"I love you so much, Wendy...with all my heart..." I explain, my heart breaking when I hear her hold back a sob. I couldn't keep them in anymore, the tears fall freely down my cheeks.

"I love you too, Ni...more than anything..." She replies, her soft sniffles being heard through the phone. I wish I could make her tears go away, brush back her crimson hair and kiss away her pain.

The call ended, me missing her already. As I slide my phone into my pajama pants pocket, a man in a white doctor coat approaches the four of us, Zayn, Harry, and Louis jumping up to stand next to me.

"Are you boys the friends of Mr...Liam Payne?" The middle aged man asks, checking over a clipboard in his hand to make sure he got the name right.

The four of us nod, Louis' hand finding it's way to grip mine, Harry and Zayn gripping one another's shoulders. The doctor eyes each of us wearily, sliding his square glasses back up to the bridge of his nose.

"Mr. Payne...he hit his main arterie in his arm. The cuts protruding his skin, they were quite deep, creating a massive amount of blood loss. He was lucky he made the ride here..." The man explains, exhaustion evident in his face. 

It made me somewhat mad that he just stopped like that, fixed his glasses, ran a hand through his graying hair. He acted like this wasn't even that big of a deal.

"Um...is he ok? May we go see him? Will he make it?" I questioned him, throwing question after question towards him. The doctor, who never even bothered to introduce himself, looked slightly flustered as I interrogated him.

"Now, sir, please calm down." The doctor instructs, causing my anger to grow. My hands clench into fists, Louis prying his hand from my fight grip.

"Calm down? You're going to tell me to calm down when my best friend almost died? Calm down?! You really expect me to listen to that crap? You won't even tell me of he is ok!" My voice rises and rises to the point of maximum volume. 

I begin to close the distance between the doctor and I, my fist begging to make contact with his face.

"Sir, please. You're disrupting the patients." The docile informs, his hands nervously fiddling with his thick rimmed glasses. I give him a look of pure disgust.

"You really think I care about the patients?! All I want to know is if Liam is ok! I wanna know if he is going go make it! He needs to make it! We haven't found her yet! She's waiting for him and he can't just die like this! What was the point in all of this if he doesn't make it? Huh?!" I rant, pinning the older man up against the wall, clenching my fists into his shirt collar.

In the midst of my anger, images of a frightened Wendy, pleading, begging me to stop hurting her fills my head. 

What am I doing? 

Pulling away from the man, I back away slowly, my fists dropping down to my sides. I can't let my anger get the best of me...not like it did last time.

Harry's strong hand grips into my shoulder, giving me a questioning look as if to ask if I was ok. I nod at him, shooting an apologetic look towards the male doctor.

"Well...I certainly apologize for the...delay." The man says, rubbing the wrinkles out of his lab coat. I drop my eyes to the ground, ashamed of my own actions. 

"Which one of you is Niall?" The man asks, my blue eyes snapping up to meet his. 

"That's me..." I mumble, awkwardly locking eyes with the man. His facial expression couldn't be me thrilled at this news.

"Of course you are." He replies sarcastically. "Mr. Payne would like to see you." 

Glancing around at the boys around me, they all give me encouraging head nods, Louis slapping my butt playfully. With that, I follow the doctor down a corridor, not entirely sure what awaits me.


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