Words Like the Weather

My poetry may not be perf
yet it'll be you times worth
It might be something you love
might be something you shove
if you don't like just please don't swerve
im pretty good
not saying i deserve
an award


1. society killed the teenager


Society killed the teenager
It burned her it hurt her
Made her feel worthless 
But is she 
Is she I mean id love an answer because all anyone has ever said was
Why are you so weird whats wrong with your hair 
Why are you always alone standing over there 
Are you okay 
Did you finally kill yourself today

But she thinks that if she can just start over 
She can change herself completely
It never worked 
She changed herself till she was nothing more than plastic 
She was nothing more than what you would call an outsider
A weirdo a dork a nerd a freak etc

But what she has underneath would burn someone just to know what she has gone through it would bring you to your knees crying 
Give you the worse migrain head ache 
Wishing you could take it all back 
But yet not to be that simple 

For all she wanted was to fit in 
It wasn’t her plan to be an outcast
Are you happy
Huh are you happy now 
For she never hurt a soul 
Yet the only emotion she has ever felt 
Was pain for she had no love she had noone to tell her 
That she was loved 

But not everyone gets that kind of help well I time atleast because when some like that happens to someone they never think to look behind the smile plastered on her plastic face just to think if we lived in a world that noone had to anything to fear that we had to change ourselves to fit in no one had to fear anything noone had to hide behind a curtain
To cover them up because they are afraid noone will like them 

Society killed the teenager
It hurt her and burned her 
At her funeral her parents were parents were morning finding out what she was going through while her “friends” and all her bullies are living their life and giggling not knowing that she was a girl looking and hoping to be accepted and you wouldn’t help her and you were just society banishing anyone yet to even look for acceptance 

Was fitting in really that important would you rather be popular then help the girl in the corner with a blade to her neck did it really mean that much when you could have reached out and saved a life instead of letting her rott away in  her thoughts and misery for if she had a friend she wouldn’t be in a casket in her dress dead  cold never knowing she was ever loved because you obviously had nothing better to do for her life wasn’t as delicate  and precious as another one word was all it took for her to realize she was better than that and that one word was hello that one word could have saved a life that day

For if her life was not important then how is yours  
For if you are so special then you could have helped her
You were to worried about your hair makeup and boys to peel back the plastic cover and see the girl crying with the knife to her throat wishing she was perfect like you
Oh but no because you obviously have better things to do 

Society killed the teenager 
That is definatly true 
But her life was so delicate
That even the simplest 
I love you was faded out as sarcasm 
and that she could never be loved because 
all the hate made love feel like fairy tales 

society killed the teenager because she denied all love
the only love she ever got she never knew it
and that is how society killed the teenager

so society next time you see the teenager 
help her 
because noone has ever done anything to deserve such torture 
but that teenager forgave each and everyone ne 
because she realized they were all to blind to notice 
to notice that she was aching inside for love and compassion
to blind to find your way to help her

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