Words Like the Weather

My poetry may not be perf yet it'll be you times worth It might be something you love might be something you shove if you don't like just please don't swerve im pretty good not saying i deserve an award


2. just a dream


My head is a place filled with glitter and sparkles
unicorns roam there daily
heroes and wizards adventure on bravely
the unicorn narwhal party still raving
my mind starts caving in
as the teacher slams the work on my desk
ripping me from my thoughts
the unicorn narwhal party no longer raving
the villians may have actually started behaving
i should have paid more attention
so when i heard him meantion
my name 
you think school is  a game
he stated
i waited
it felt as if the world was upon 
my shoulder
for i had no answer
i could not think
all eyes land upon me 
my cheeks turn a rosy pink
if only i could sit back in my chair and sink
into nothing
for the greatest shame
is this horrid fame
he repeats my name
my knowledge starts to wane
i start to feel a sharp pain
in my head as i burst awake
for this all to be a dream 
is just too mean

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