1D chats

Basically it's going to be a different scene in each chapter with the boys having a conversation that's funny, cute, horrifying, stupid, and any other word to describe them :P hope you enjoy them!


6. You & I fragrance commercial BTS


Liam: *lowers down to fragrance*
Others: *lower down seconds later*
Liam: Aw! What are you guys doing here?
Louis: I'm here to get the fragrance of course!
Harry, Niall, & Zayn: Same here.
Liam: Well you guys aren't getting it because I am first!
Niall: *stretches out to bottle*
Liam: *pushes Niall away*
Zayn: *flips Louis over*
Louis: Hey!
Niall: *reaches for it*
Liam: *shoves foot in Niall's face*
Niall: Bleh! Not again!
Louis: *presses button*
Louis & Zayn: *go back up*
Zayn: What the hell Loueeeh?
Louis: *lets go of button* I didn't do anything!
Niall: *flies towards bottle* No! Missed it!
Louis & Zayn: *slap fight*

(Use last picture)
Liam: *groans* Oooh.... I don't feel too well.
Harry: Oh no. Liam you didn't....
Niall: Liam, don't tell me you did....
Liam: *farts*
Louis: Oh god.
Zayn: Ew! What's that smell?
Harry: Aw! Gross mate!
Niall: That smells more worse than your foot!
Liam: *groans* shut up guys!
Louis: I think I'm going to regurgitate!
Zayn: Cut! Scene! Stop filming!
Liam: *pukes*
Harry: Gross Liam!
Niall: That's what you get for eating my Nandos!
Louis: And for hitting me!
Liam: Louis that wasn't me...
Louis: Oh. Never mind then...
Liam: *pukes on Harry's shoes*
Harry: My shoes!
Zayn: Don't puke in my hair! *moves away*
Director: And cut! Okay guys, let's roll out!
Workers: *leave stage*

Niall: Wait! Liam is puking all over the stage!
Liam: I need a bag!
Louis: This has gone really bad!
Harry: Maybe this should be our next fragrance....

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