1D chats

Basically it's going to be a different scene in each chapter with the boys having a conversation that's funny, cute, horrifying, stupid, and any other word to describe them :P hope you enjoy them!


3. Our adventure

Liam: Hey look what I found guys. *brings out two seater bike*
Louis: That reminds me of a time me and Zayn hanged out.
Liam: What did you guys do?
Louis: We went to an interview that Tyler Oakley was hosting, and he asked us to complete a challenge to ride a two seater bike and find E.T., and then we ended up finding that big painting in the desert, then we started dancing when my ringtone went off and a group of dancers started dancing behind us. After a while, it attracted a clan of ninjas out of nowhere, so we took out our ninja stars and took them all out to have dinner with you guys after.
Niall: I don't remember having dinner with ninjas.
Harry: Unless you count Liam dressed as Batman.
Zayn: Uh, Louis that was 1D day...
Louis: Oh yeah!
Liam: And that wasn't dinner what we ate that day.
Louis: Then why did Niall eat it all?
Zayn: We didn't have food that whole day.
Louis: Then why was it so hot?
Harry: The lights in the studio made it hot.
Louis: Then why did we have ninjas stars?
Liam: That was a challenge.
Louis: Then why di-
Niall: Shut up already and go on that bike to buy me Nanos!
Louis: Fine, if you guys don't want to hear my story, then I'll go out with Kevin. *crosses arms*
Niall: Kevin is a freakin pigeon!
Louis: Kevin is not a pigeon!
*doorbell rings*
Harry: *opens door*
Harry: You are?
Guy: I'm here to hangout with Louis. I'm Kevin.
Niall: But I thought you were-
Louis: I told you so! Man, I should of bet money on it!
Liam: *hands Zayn money*
Louis: What are you doing?
Liam: Zayn told me that Kevin can talk, so we did a bet.
Zayn: And he lost *chuckles*
Louis: Yeah, he's the ninja we went out with.
Liam: I thought his name was John?
Kevin: John? John was the waitress.
Harry: Oh, that explains the time I was at the store. I was walking around and-
Niall: No time for stories! I want my Nandos!


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