1D chats

Basically it's going to be a different scene in each chapter with the boys having a conversation that's funny, cute, horrifying, stupid, and any other word to describe them :P hope you enjoy them!


4. Doll bromance

Louis: Look what I got! *pulls out Louis doll*
Harry: Whoa! A mini you!
Louis: I'm just adorable! *hugs doll*
Harry: Yes you are! *hugs Louis*
Louis: Awe. Love you too bae.
Liam: What's going on?
Louis: My bae loves me! *smiles*
Zayn: Hey Liam!
Liam: What's up?
Zayn: I got a mini you! *holds out doll*
Liam: I look so ugly as a doll. *pouts crossing arms*
Zayn: They got jealous of how you looked, but you're perfect to me. *hugs Liam*
Liam: *blushes*
Louis: Somebody's blushing! *pinches Liam's cheek chuckling*
Liam: Stop laughing at me!
Zayn: Awe. I love it when you blush Li.
Liam: Well I don't! *pushes Zayn away*
Harry: Liam needs a kiss!
Zayn: *leans in puckering lips*
Liam: No kisses!
Louis: C'mon, let's leave these two love birds alone. *leaves with Harry*
Zayn: Love you Li.
Liam: I don't love you.
Zayn: but, but... *puppy dog eyes*
Liam: No, that's not going to work!
Zayn: But Liambear!
Liam: Fine. *pecks Zayn on cheek*
Zayn: I love you! *hugs*
Niall: Ew. You guys are weird. *walks into kitchen*
Niall: I love you Nandos! *hugs bag of food*

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