1D chats

Basically it's going to be a different scene in each chapter with the boys having a conversation that's funny, cute, horrifying, stupid, and any other word to describe them :P hope you enjoy them!


5. Directioner

Louis: Hey Harry, check this out!
Louis: *chucks pie at Niall*
Harry: Bahahahaha!
Niall: What the hell?! You didn't even get my favorite kind!
Louis & Harry: *burst into laughter*
Liam: What's going on he- oh my.
Niall: Louis threw this pie at me!
Louis: Do duh Captain Obvious!
Niall: Shut up Lou!
Zayn: What's with all the ruckus? I was in the middle of texting Perrie!
Louis: So? It's not like she can here us!
Liam: Uh guys?
Zayn: No, but I can't concentrate on what to text her!
Liam: Guys?
Louis: it's because you're an airhead!
Liam: Guys?
Zayn: I'm not a fuckin' airhead! If anything, you're one!
Liam: Hey! Listen up here blabber mouths!
Everyone: *stares at Liam in silence*
Liam: Who invited a girl on the bus?
Girl: Hiyah!
Girl: *waves smiling*
Guys: *stare at her not moving*
Girl: Um, hello?
Louis: Ahhh! A Directioner broke in!
Louis: *runs around*
Girl: I don't bite.
Louis: *stops staring at her*
Louis: How do we know?
Girl: It's okay, I have Nandos.
Girl: *brings out food from behind*
Niall: She can stay!
Niall: *hugs girl*

To be continued...


A/N: I was thinking about doing like a series thing on this book, like a story, but still have like the regular short 1D chats like the past ones. (I hope that made sense XD) I'll continue on with this chat/story soon...

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