1D chats

Basically it's going to be a different scene in each chapter with the boys having a conversation that's funny, cute, horrifying, stupid, and any other word to describe them :P hope you enjoy them!


2. April Fools Day

Louis: *walks into Harry's room* *grabs scissors from desk*
Louis: Hey Harry... *holds up handful of curly hair*
Harry: AAAHHHH! *Grabs hair from Louis hand*
Louis: Oops.
Harry: Oops? Oops?! This is not an accident Louis!
Harry: *face palms* I hate you Lou.
Louis: Oh you can't hate me more than Niall. *walks to kitchen*
Niall: *opens cabinet* What the hell?! Where's our food?
Louis: Oh, my new pet ate it all.
Niall: What the f*ck? Did you buy a f*cking king kong?
Louis: Okay fine, Harry ate it all.
Harry: I f*cking did not!
Liam: What's going on?
Niall: Where's my god damn food?!
Louis: I threw it away.
Liam: Louis!
Zayn: Hey where's my hairspray?
Harry: Uh... *looks around whistling*
Zayn: Stop using my hairspray for your damn afro!
Niall: Who cares for your hairspray! I want food!
Louis: APRIL FOOLS!!! It's in the closet. *high fives Harry*
Niall: Oh what a relief! Food come to daddy! *runs to closet*
Liam: His food is in there, right?
Louis: I was talking to Zayn. I actually did throw his food away...
Zayn: *sprays hair with hairspray* Be prepared to run a 5k.
Niall: It's not in here!
Harry: Because I love you mate, I suggest you run.
Louis: I should probably buy him Nandos...nah. *runs out door*

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