Storm Chaser

Half Military and Half Tornado Chaser- Dani, Samantha and Jake come from what some people call a "Long Line Of Losers", but others know better; They're from a long line of storm chasers (fifth generation to be exact).


2. Two

*Samantha's POV*

When  I heard that Dani had survived I was enthusiastic, but when Officer Lynx said that she was TWO miles away, my heart skipped a few beats. I say nothing to anyone during the ride. It is also kinda claustrophobic with the dogs riding with us. Once we stopped we saw the ambulances and some of our neighbors. Jake and our dogs are the first one out of the SUV, running faster than our best race horse. I see the scene around us, chaos and carnage. Trees and other things every where.

I hear Jake say, "Holy shit, Dani! Are you crazy!?!". Dani just smiles at him and says, "Yes, my dear brother, I am absolutely crazy. If not for me Montana, Kentucky and Georgia would not be here.". I look closer at Dani and see a bunch of cuts and bruises, yet no broken bones. I walk up to her and ask, "Um, Dani, why aren't any of your bones broken?". Dani looks at me then to a cute EMT and back to me. She says, "I remember I was getting ready to run to you guys, to hide with you, but then something hit me in the head, knocking me out. Next thing I know I'm waking up in this field, wondering how the hell I got here. So I guess that the twister picked me up and well, threw me back down.". I shake my head, but I hug Dani.

*Jake's POV*

After we stopped, Montana, Kentucky, Georgia and I take off like race horses. We run and find Dani sitting on the back of an ambulance talking to one of the EMTs. Samantha is the first one to ask Dani a million questions after I speak to Dani. Mom and Dad wsalk up to us and immediately hug Dani and fuss over her scrapes and bruises. My phone begins playing 'Way Out Here', it's my friend Jayce.

I answer it and listen to him saying that the people that were supposed to perform can't make it. When I ask, 'Why?', he says, 'They cancelled.'. I tell Jayce, 'Thanks' and then hang up. So much for that local group that was supposed to play.

*Dani's POV*

I wake up to a group of people surrounding me. Most are neighbors, and the rest are EMTs. The cutest one asks me, "Are you okay, Miss?". I nod my head. The EMT introduces himself, "My name is Cas, short for Castiel and no I was not named after the arch angel off of Supernatural.". I smile at Cas after he and one of the other EMTs help me to the ambulance. I over hear some of the others talking about me, so I hear, "Yeah, she just landed here in this field, some neighbors say she looked like a ragdoll in the air.", "That'd explain the gash over her left eye. She'd have to been unconscious after that.", and "Ain't she Dallas Heart's daughter?". I look for the person that said that as if insulted by it.

"What do you have against my Pa?" I ask no one in particular. All the people stare at me, as if I've hurt them some how. That's when I hear the familiar sound of a police vehicle, then the sounds of Montana, Georgia, and my brother Jake running towards me. Jake cusses me ou, Samantha asks a million questions, Momma looks at me and Dad begins talking to Cas. 

I'm released from the EMTs care and I get to go home, but Cas decides to come with us, being that he just found out that he lost his new home, that he hadn't even moved his stuff into, is gone, destoryed by the Tornado. But then I realize that our house was destoryed too. Momma, must've read my thoughts because she says, "Dani, yes, the house was destoryed but we have some stuff in the loft of the barn and yes surprisingly it with stood the winds.".

Now I had to sleep in the barn, with my whole family and my new bestfriend. This is one helluva day, I wonder how our little town will bounce back from this?

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