Storm Chaser

Half Military and Half Tornado Chaser- Dani, Samantha and Jake come from what some people call a "Long Line Of Losers", but others know better; They're from a long line of storm chasers (fifth generation to be exact).


1. One

*Dani's POV*

It happened too fast, the storm hit so fast we weren't prepared. Momma and Daddy tried to get Samantha, Jake and I to the underground cellar, that plan almost worked. I was running to the cellar after letting the horses go, hoping they'd run and go somewhere far away and no get hurt. I was halfway to the cellar when I heard the dogs barking from inside the house. Over the wind I can her Momma shout, "Baby girl, get back here!". I kick the back door open and shout, "Montana, Kentucky, Georgia! Run away from here!". The three German Shepherds look at me funny and then take off. I'm about to leave when the toaster oven hits me in the head knocking me unconscious.

*Jake's POV*

I see my sister Dani run back to the house. What the hell is she thinking? I ask myself until I see our three German Shepherds running towards us. That's when the twister hits and takes Dani with it. My best friend was just swept away in a damn twister! I try to get to the cellar door, but Dad blocks me, shuts the door and says, "Dani will be fine. Might have a few broken bones, but she'll be fine.". I hide in a corner of the cellar and pray Dani is alright.

*Samantha's POV*

Jake was trying to get out the door, but Dad blocked him. I wasn't able to hear anything because of Montana, Kentucky and Georgia. Had they said something about Dani? Was my sister okay? Where is she?  Everything fell silent for a few minutes then Momma says, "I think it's safe, but let your father check.". I see Dad open the cellar door and walk out, then he pokes his head back in and says, "It's safe, but becareful there's alot of debris.". Jake and I nod, then we follow Momma and the dogs out. I don't see Dani anywhere, I look at Jake, hoping he knew where Dani is. Jake shakes his head, but says nothing. That's when a police SUV came pulling up and someone gets out.

"Mr. and Mrs. Heart?" the Officer asks. Dad nods his head and says, "Yes, sir, Officer Lynx.". Officer Lynx then says, "Some of your neighbors found Dani two miles away. I was sent to retrieve you so you could get her back.". Momma cries tears of joy, Dad looks up at the sky, Jake and I just sigh in relief, our sister has been found.

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