Hard to let go

His name is Adam he never noticed her
Her name is Jayden she wishes he noticed her
Jayden has a huge crush on Adam she's had it sense they were in kindergarten they live next door to each other and Jayden's enemy Sarah wants him she'll do anything to get him Jayden just hopes she can get through the 9th grade (sorry for grammar mistakes) rated r for sexual content and cursing


1. How it started

I'm Jayden I'm in 9th grade I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes

My story begins in kindergarten


* My mom was taking me to our house because we are having my birthday later. When we get to the street we pass a moving truck. I ask my mom who is moving in she said I don't know. We pull into our driveway I get out I see a boy about my age. I ask mom if maybe he can come to my birthday. She says if u go ask he can. So I walk over to the boy I ask if he would like to come to my birthday. he said Shure then says my name is Adam I said my name is Jayden* end of flashback

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