Summer With Him

16 year old Riley was caught sneaking out, and this time her brother couldn't cover for her. Her punishment is to spend the entire summer with her crazy grandma. This summer is supposed to be her "big summer" but instead she's spending it with a 72 year old lady. Can things get any worse? What about her first day working at he nearby swimming pool, as a lifeguard. She makes friends fast with a boy named.....Colten. Summer
relationship? Or soulmates? What happens when summer ends? Read to find out.


1. Day By Day

Summer with him

Edited by: lalalaaaalalalaala

Chapter 1: Day by day

"Mom! Do I have to go, couldn't I just go on with my plans with Savannah?" I said in my sweetest voice. 

"No Riley! You should have thought about your actions and then you wouldn't have to change your plans!" My mom yelled back in a harsh tone.

I ran up to my room, stomping my feet on the stairs and slamming the door behind me. 

Let me catch you up. My mom is sending me to my grandmas in Kansas for the summer, don't get me wrong I love my grandma, just she's a little crazy. My mother had caught Savannah and I sneaking out for like five hundredth time but this time she followed us. She followed us all the way to Nick Carson's end of year party. She saw and the beer and drugs and totally flipped. So now I get to spend my summer in Kansas. Fuck my life!

Walking into my closet I started packing. Even though I'm not actually excited to be going, their is some good news. I get to see my best friend Emily. I have known Emily since birth. She had moved to Kansas because her dad had gotten deployed there in his job in the Air Force. 

Once I finished packing my first suitcase I went down stairs for dinner. My mom always went back to the office after I got done with school, so most of the time it was just Dillon and I. 

"Hey Riley! What would you like for dinner?" Dillon asked. He was probably the best brother you could ask for. He was gorgeous, from a sisters point of view. He would always lie to mom whenever I snuck out. The only problem is he's a little too protective when it come to boys. That's also the reason I've never had a boyfriend. Thanks bro.

He was gorgeous, from a sisters point of view. He has light brown hair that he always spikes up in the front. His hair goes perfect with his light blue eyes. Dillon is a lot like me in most ways except well he's six foot and I'm 5 foot 3 on a good day. He plays soccer and football and we always scrimmage in the backyard. Usually he wins because he is literally a mountain of muscle. "I know I'm hot but your starring is making me uncomfortable." 

"Sorry, Umm... Something easy, I'm not that hungry." I answered in a soft voice. 

"Okay so Mac and cheese sound good?" He replied as he looks through the cabinets.

"Sounds great!"

Once we finished our dinner I did my nightly routine. Homework shower then sleep. 


"WAKE UP RATCHET RILEY!" A voice yelled from my door! I knew it was Dillon because he is the only person with enough guts to call me that. I just put my head in my pillow and gave him the naughty finger. As I giggle like a little girl.

"Well it looks like someone is going to be grouchy all day." He said while walking off. 

I finally decided to get up after about five minutes of hating life. I stretched and walked into my closet. It had only took me about three minutes to pick my outfit because I was felling lazy and just threw on some sweats and a t-shirt. Most day I would wear some skinny jeans and a nice shirt, not today. Once I was done getting dressed I walked into my bathroom and combed my long brown hair into it's natural wavy curls. When it came to makeup I only put some concealer and mascara on, I was felling too lazy today. I walked down stairs and poured some cereal, until I realized that Dillon had used up all the milk! Man sometimes I just really wanted to slap him. 

"Dude! Why didn't you save any milk! I already poured my cereal!" I screeched At him. He just shrugged his shoulders and put the last spoon full of his cereal into his mouth. 

"Do you need a ride to school?" He said while putting his bowl into the sink. 

"No, Savannah is coming over to pick me up." 

"Good because I really didn't want to take you anyways." He chucked as I just hit his arm and went back to my room to get my backpack. 

After a few minutes of trying to find my homework I hear Savannah honking outside.  

"Hold the fuck up!" I yelled out the window. Savannah just got out her car and walked straight into my house. We were that close of friends that she could just walk right in. She never came up so I knew she was talking to Dillon. She has this big crush on him. I mean so does every girl in the school but it was just really awkward that my best friend likes him. 

"Zayymmm! What are you looking for!" Savannah said and she walked into my now messy room. 

"I'm looking for my homework! Help me find it." 

"Nahh I will just watch you."

Right as I had given up I saw it. The whole time it was by my backpack. Lol @ life. 

After saying bye to my mom we went towards the car and drove off to school. You could say I'm a popular kid. I mean I have LOTS of friends and everyone seemed to like me. Others said it we just cause Dillon was my brother. I beg to differ I do swimming and soccer, so have lots of jock friends. 

Once we walked into the school I headed for my locker, I really wasn't in the mood to talk right now. That sure seemed to fail because all the boys from soccer headed straight towards me and started messing up my hair. 

"Dude get off of me! I really not in the mood to talking" I said fiercely.

"Dang alright, someone must be on there period!" Zach said in a singing tone. I hit him in the chest and slammed my locker closed. I headed off to first period, leaving them all behind. 

I honeslty love first hour, all my friends are in there and we have the coolest math teacher. I walked into the room and spotted all my girlfriends in the back corner of the room. They were all dressed in all there fancy shit, like coach purses and their expense outfits. Usually I would wear the same but today I was just not feeling it. 


The day seemed to go by really fast. I hoped the rest of the day would go by slower because five more days till school was out and, I would be heading to Hell-- I mean Kansas.

Right after school I had swim.

After swim practice I was so hungry, the entire school could probably hear my stomach. Like literally I could eat my whole refrigerator. Dillon was supposed to pick me up, but guess what He never showed. I was cool about it and all because the walk from the pool to my house was only 10 mins and I could really use some fresh air to get my mind off things. 

Once I got home I ran to the kitchen like a mad lady with food cooking filling my nostrils. 

"Dillon you we're supposed to pick me up" as I shoved some chips into my mouth. 

"Sorry sis I totally forgot it was Monday!" He said while taking the pizza out of the oven. 

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