4ever and always (niall)

Will you save me? Some people aren't gifted with a family... Some people have a crack head for a father...
(Not famous)
Warning: abuse, rape, I suggest that if your younger than 16, you shouldn't read.


3. "the date"


"I will get you!" I started running but I heard footsteps.. I ran into an ally and hid in a bush but something grabbed my hand "see? I told you I'd get you" I screamed and tried to run but it was no use... I was stuck... All the sudden the man bit me "ahhhhhh" I was screaming for help but nobody came "help!!!"


"Chloe! Chloe wake up!" I heard a faint voice "chloe!" I jumped up and niall and Maura were both standing over me with worried looks. I stopped screaming but I was crying. I calmed myself down and asked "what time is it?" Maura looked at her watch "2:00 am" niall had sat down and was holding me "I'm sorry I woke you up." Maura gave me a weak smile "it's fine darling. Get some rest" she said and walked out of the room closing the door.

Niall gently pushed me onto my back and he got under the covers next to me. He wrapped me up in a hug and started humming "niall?" "Hmm?" I took in a breath "I know we just met and all but.. Thank you for being so nice yo me.. Your the only friend I have." Niall kissed the top of my head "it's no problem!" I smiled "goodnight niall" "goodnight"

____next morning___

I heard a lot of noise downstairs "niall!! Be careful! That's glass!" I heard niall laugh "yes mother!" I got up and walked downstairs. Maura turned around "good morning chloe!" "Good morning mrs. Horan" "you can call me Maura." I smiled at her "you hungry?" I shook my head "I think I should go home to change." "Are you sure?" I nodded "thank you though, you have been so kind to me!" With that I walked towards the door and walked home.

I got home and let out a huge sigh... Ben wasn't home!! :)

Iran upstairs took a shower, got dressed in black jeggings a black tank top and a jacket over it. Then I straightened my hair. Next I put on mascara and slipped on my gold sandals.

I walked to bens room and cleaned it. Made his bed, threw the bear cans away, put his clothes away and vaccumed the floor. Then I walked to his bathroom and cleaned in there. About a 2hours later had finished cleaning my whole house. It was already 9:00 and I'm gonna hang with niall. I quickly wrote a note to Ben:

Dear father, I have gone out. I'm not sure when you will get home but if you get home before me, I put pizza in the oven. Just start it and cook it for 15 minutes. Sincerely, chloe

I ran out of the house and ran to nialls. *knock knock* I heard foot steps and the door opened to niall . He smiled at me "mom! I'm leaving be back later!" "Have fun!" I giggled and followed niall to his car. He opened the door for me and I got in. Then he got in himself. "Where we going?" I asked "well I've lived in Ireland my whole life and I know a couple places we could go." I smiled "okay... You can choose!" He smiled and we drove in silence. About 15 minutes later we parked in front a forest with a small path. "Umm niall-" we got out and he took my hand "shh, you'll see" he led me down the path and it got darker and darker "niall, I'm scared" he pulled me closer "it's okay." After 5 minutes of walking, we walked into an open space. There was a small lake/pond and the sun was shining through the trees and glowing on the water. There was some fish swimming around. I couldn't help but gasp.

"You like it?" I jumped a little. I forgot he was there. I nodded still amazed by the beauty. "It's gorgeous!!" I looked at niall "how-" I stopped talking. Woah... Niall, he looks so perfect .... Woah! He stepped towards me and he put my head in between his hands and leaned down- I'm only 5'4- and he kissed me.. I was shocked but my lips reacted and I kissed back. He gently pushed me down onto the long grass. He followed after laying on me continuing the kiss. I fisted his shirt in my hands trying to pull him closer. He put his hands under my shirt on my sides. He didn't move but his hand sent electric shocks through my whole body. We pulled back to catch our breathe. "Woah! That was amazing!" He said smiling. I giggled "I agree!"


N/A hey guys!! Sorry for the semi-short chapter! I'm going swimming! It's spring break so I'm going to try and update as fast as possible!! Thanks for reading!! Don't forget to like favorite and comment!! Love you!! ~Kendra

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