4ever and always (niall)

Will you save me? Some people aren't gifted with a family... Some people have a crack head for a father...
(Not famous)
Warning: abuse, rape, I suggest that if your younger than 16, you shouldn't read.


1. hello

A/N hey guys I'm starting a new movella.... This one is also a niall fanfic and I hope you like it!


Chloe's POV

"Chloe get down here!" I ran down the stairs to my waiting father "yes father?" I asked "there are new neighbors and we will help them move in. We are going to show them what nice neighbors we are. Understood?" I nodded "yes sir." He grabbed my hair and yanked me to the door and the minute it was open he let go and gave me a small shove outside. I quickly walked out and waited for my father. "Com'n" he said walking to the neighbors. As we walked up the family turned around and my father introduced us. "Hello! My name is Ben and this is my daughter chloe. We live next door and thought you might need help unpacking?" A lady smiled and replied "hello! Nice to meet you! I'm Maura and this is my son niall! We would love to have some help!" My father smiled at her and said he would help her. Maura turned around and my dad pushed my towards niall "help niall." He said firmly. I just nodded "yes sir." I said and walked over to niall.

Nialls POV

He shoved her "help niall." He said "yes sir." She walked over to me and I smiled at her. I grabbed her hand and took her inside my new house and into my room. When we got there I let go of her hand she pulled away and backed up. She looked scared. I stepped towards her "why are you scared?" I asked she just looked at me showing the same fear "I-I'm not..." I saw a tear slip out of her eye and when I went to wipe it away she froze and closed her eyes "don't hurt me." She whispered I pulled away and backed up. She looked at me tears running down her face "wh-what did you say?!" I asked she backed up a little more "I'm sorry! I-i" I walked towards her and pulled her into a hug "I would never hurt you!" She was a bit hesitant but she wrapped her small arms around my torso and rested her head on my chest. I breathed her in and she smelled so good! She smelled like vanilla.

Chloe's POV

He wrapped his arms around me and I was shocked... I haven't had a hug since my mom died. This just made me cry harder. I missed my mom so much! He just held me to him until I stopped crying. "Does your dad hurt you?" He asked. I immediately pulled away and walked to the door "no!" Of course not!" He shook his head "don't lie" i looked down for a second before replying "yes. He does... But you can't tell anyone! He will kill me." He nodded and took me by the hand and we walked back downstairs to get more boxes

When we were done helping my dad dragged me back to our house and told me to go to bed and that he had business to attend to and will be back later. I walked up to my room and sat down at my desk.

I was drawing when I saw a light flashing I looked up and saw niall through his window.... That's his room!! He started writing on paper then held it up

N- hi

Me-hi :)

N-watcha doin?


N- can I see?

Me- not yet... I haven't finished it..

N- okay... :(

Me- do you want to hang out tomorrow?

His eyes lit up

N- yes!! I know where to go! Meet me at the cafe down the road at 9:00

I smiled me- okay! Goodnight!

N- sweet dreams. I smiled and went to bed. I layed down still watching niall. He was still sitting there smiling

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