4ever and always (niall)

Will you save me? Some people aren't gifted with a family... Some people have a crack head for a father...
(Not famous)
Warning: abuse, rape, I suggest that if your younger than 16, you shouldn't read.


2. "date"

It was 11:00 when my dad got home.. "Chloe!!!" I jumped up and ran downstairs "you didn't wash the dishes!!" "I-I" "spit it out already!" He said grabbing me by the arm "you never told me to wash them!" He yanked me to the stove "no! Dad stop!! Don't burn me!" I screamed as loud as I could..

Nialls POV

I was outside my house when I heard shouting... "Chloe!!" Then it was silent "you didn't wash the dishes!!!" It was silent again "spit it out girl!!" I walked closer

"You never told me to wash them!!" ------

"No! Dad stop! Don't burn me!!" Then there was an ear piercing scream "let go!!! Dad stop!!" Another scream i ran inside

Chloe's POV

I begged one more time for him to stop but it made him more angry and he shoved me into the stove and I tried catching myself but my hands landed on the burning unit.. "Ahhhhhhh!!!" I screamed and burst into tears "get up!!!" He yelled

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up. Once I was up he kneed me in the guy and shoved me down again "you-" he was interrupted by someone running in. I couldn't see who it was from the waterfall my eyes were making...

"What happened?!" A male voice asked

"She- uh-she was getting ready to cook me some food when she fell and burned her hands." My dad replied he leaned over and picked me up whispering "keep your mouth shut!" The person ran over to me "oh my gosh!!" The tears had stop flowing so I was able to see niall. He picked me up bridal style and said "I'll bring her back tomorrow" my dad clenched his fist but said "that's fine." Niall carried me to his house and my hands were burning... But I've gotten used to it, my dad has done some pretty extreme stuff to me over the years..

Nialls POV

"Mom!!" He took me to his kitchen "mom get down here! Please hurry" a few seconds later she came running in "what! Are you ok- chloe?" "Mom help her she got hurt!" She walked over "where are you hurt honey?" She looked down at her hands and my mom gasped then Shetried to lift her shirt but it hurt her So i walked over and lifted it. My mom and i gasped "honey! How did this happen?!" Mom asked "I- I was cooking and I fell and burned myself" i went over and sat by her "don't lie!" I said "niall horan! How dare your say that!" She sighed.. "No it's okay because I did lie..." My mom got an ice pack and some cream "my dad was mad at me and he burned me.." "How did you get the bruise on your stomach?" I asked holding her close "I was in the ground crying and he told me to get up so he pulled my hair and kneed me" my mom gasped

Maura's POV

I had tears trickling down my cheeks. How could anyone do this to such a beautiful child?!

"When did he start hurting you?" She stopped to think and said "well it started when my mom died when I was 14 and I'm 17 now. My dad blamed me for killing her because I was in the car with her but I made it... Then if I didn't keep the house clean he would lock me in my room. Then it got worse... He became an alcoholic and he hit me, burned me, cut me, and almost... R- did stuff"

Niall pulled her against him and I continued bandaging her up "we will te-" "no!!!" She said and jumped up "you can't!!" She started hiperventilating "last time I told he got away and that's why we moved here to Ireland!! And when he found out I was the one who told he didn't feed me and he cut me" she lifted up her pajama pants and there were millions if old and new cuts "she you can't tell anyone!!!!!" She was in tears and niall picked her up and took her to his room.

Chloe's POV

Niall took me to his room and said go to sleep.. He put me in his bed and turned to leave "no! Please stay with me" he hesitated but got in and held me to his chest. He started singing and I fell into a beautiful sleep....

To be continued

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