True Love At First Sight

I am kinda stuck in Britain... Or rather below Britain. I am escaping and going on a long journey to re-find my one true love, Kero. We got separated once the wars started, so I haven't seen him in a while... Well, would you like to come with me?


5. The Journey Begins

I smiled as he explained Utah to me. Kero was doing well as the 'chieftan' of the group of demons he led. He had been organizing a rescue mission for me at the same time that I had busted out. "What happened to your back, Lusetta?" I flinched as he asked the question. "I was beaten with a cat-o-nine-tails for some things that I said and did while imprisoned." He looked rather pissed and growled lowly in his throat. "He will pay for his insolence! I promise you this." I smiled and then let it fade as memories of Bruce lying dead on the floor came back to me, blood covering the floor and walls. "It's fine. I took care of it. Let's just say that he will never harm anyone again." He looked at me and smiled. "It's good to know that you can take care of yourself, Lusetta." I laughed quietly. "Of course, Master Yoilen. You taught me well enough to be able to fight off an entire army on my own." He rolled his eyes as a couple of other demons strolled up to us and then fell in behind us. When I tossed an inquiring look at Master Yoilen, he chuckled. "They are some of my other students. The one on the left is Jake. The one on the right is Issac. The one in the middle is Jessica." I smiled and waved as they did the same. "Ok, so how long to Utah?" I asked and the three behind us laughed. "Well, you could be there by tomorrow. However, it will take us about two weeks to reach Utah." I opened my mouth to ask why, but he held up his hand. "The four of us can't fly and, unless you can change into something big enough to carry all of us, then we have to walk." I laughed. "Why didn't you just ask?" I shifted into a dragon about the size of three buses and extended my wing to allow them onto my back. "Hold up! She's a shifter?! Oh, wow!" Jake exclaimed as he climbed on my back. I snorted and waited for everyone else to load up. Master Yoilen was the last on and sat up nearest my neck. "Just be careful, alright?" He whispered and I nodded slowly. "Hold on, everyone!" I yelled as I took off, buffeting everything on the ground with the air from my massive wings. "How long now, Master Yoilen?" He thought for a moment before he sighed. "About two days. I want you resting regularly so that Kero doesn't behead me when I get back and you're exhausted." I nodded and flew on through the early hours of morning and on to the evening. Soon enough it was dark and I landed for the night. As everyone got off of my back and I shifted back into my human self, Jake and Issac came up and hugged me. "Thanks for doing this." "Yea, we really didn't want to walk all the way back. And, just think... Two days till we're home." I smiled slightly. "No problem, guys. I just want to see Kero again." They nodded and looked over to Jessica who was sharpening her scythe. "Just... Watch out for her. She's kinda jealous that you have Kero and she wants him." "Yea, I wouldn't trust her to not stab you in the back while you sleep, just sayin'." I rolled my eyes, but watched her closely as the duo walked away and to their tent. "Night, guys!" I yelled and they waved as they went inside their tent. I crawled inside of mine and curled up under the blanket that Master Yoilen had given me and fell into a shallow sleep full of knives, whips, and all of my other nightmares.

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