True Love At First Sight

I am kinda stuck in Britain... Or rather below Britain. I am escaping and going on a long journey to re-find my one true love, Kero. We got separated once the wars started, so I haven't seen him in a while... Well, would you like to come with me?


2. Karma's a A Bitch... Isn't She, Bruce?!

The chains that held me were weak with wear of me pulling on them so much and I knew that night would finally bring me my long awaited freedom. It was the new moon, a night when darkness ruled over light and power surged into demons and humans alike. "I'm back, my pet! And, how are you tonight?" I growled at him and pulled slightly at my chains. "Powerful... Oh, so powerful... You'll see come midnight, Bruce... You'll see!" I yelled as I lunged at him, coming within mere inches of his face and causing him to stumble backwards. "You little bitch! I'll get you for that!" He grabbed the cat-o-nine-tails off of the wall and opened my cell door, the sharp razor blades dragging along the floor. "That's not a good idea..." I cautioned as he raised his arm in preparation. "Too late for that, little girl. My turn!" I turned quickly as he brought the cruel weapon down upon my back, slicing my fragile skin open and releasing the hot red blood that lurked just underneath. I cried out in pain and lunged at him again, only to be forced away as he struck me again and again. By the time he was done, my back looked like small bits of flesh in a sea of blood, only small ribbons remaining. "Where's your power, now, demon?" He asked as he laughed and shut my cell door. "Tick-Tock, Bruce... Your death awaits... Midnight rounds are approaching fast... Run, run, now... I'll be waiting!" I called in a half demented half insane voice. Once he left, I allowed myself to cry and pull at the chains again, causing them to crack slightly as the first bits of power seeped into me. I slowly and carefully began to heal my back, but I knew that it would take a number of days to completely heal. I felt the power before I hear the bells. It was midnight and everyone was about to see what this little demon could do. I heard Bruce come in and smiled, but feigned cowardice in the corner. "Oh! Have I finally broken the unbreakable?" He called, opening my cell and, for the first time, stepping inside. "P-P-Please, don't come any c-c-closer!" I begged, making it irresistible for him to stay away. "Why, my little pet? Afraid that I might hurt you?" he asked as he came close enough to touch me with his gloved hand. I grabbed his wrist and turned to look him in the eye, smiling as they began to glow a deep shade of red. "No! Remember what I said last check-in? How your death awaited? How time was running out? Well, guess what?" I pulled him closer and put my mouth by his ear. "Time's out, Bruce... Now, run!" I whispered, letting him go and letting him get almost to the door before breaking the chains and running after him. "TIME'S UP, BRUCE! NOW RUN! RUN AWAY LIKE THE COWARD THAT YOU ARE, BRUCE!!! RUN!!!" He almost made it to the outer door... Almost... I grabbed him and threw him back into the cell and making him land on his back in the floor and pinning him down. "Remember the whips, Bruce? The ones with the shiny tips? Remember how you used them to cut me? How the blood seeped out of my body as you laughed and had your fun? Now, I'm not that cruel..." I picked him up and threw him against the wall, causing his pelvis to shatter as his shrill screams filled the room. "But, before you die, I'm going to have my revenge. Is that ok with you?!" I grabbed him and slid him across the stone floor, causing his shirt to shred and his skin along his stomach to split and bleed like my back had all those times not so long ago. He cried out in pain and begged me to kill him and get it over with. "Oh, but Brucey... Where's the fun in that? Besides..." I bit into his arm, cracking the bone and making him bleed even more. "...I'm just getting stared..." I broke his other arm with a flick of my wrist. He begged me to stop and to kill him. I smiled as his screams rang out and his sobs left him gasping for air. "What's the matter? Don't like me repaying you for all that you've done to me?! You don't like the pain that you coveted so much when you were giving it to me?!" I was sounding more insane by the minute, my sanity dwindling down to almost nothing as my humanity did the same. I grabbed his legs and broke them at the knees while simultaneously kicking him in the chest and breaking his ribs. Blood began to come out of his mouth and I picked him up again, throwing his now-limp body against the bars by the door. He cried out in pain one last time before I went over and snapped his neck, killing him instantly as my body shook from the adrenaline and my mind came creeping back to sanity, causing me to begin to notice the blood that coated the entire cell and my body. "Rest In Peace, Bruce. I promise, I won't forget you..." I kicked his body one last time, causing more blood to splatter in his final resting place. "Stupid ass fucker! You were a bloody bastard if I've ever fucking seen one!" I walked out of the cell and changed into my demonic form, a form that I hadn't seen in oh so long! "Bye-bye, Bruce. Here I come, freedom!"

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