True Love At First Sight

I am kinda stuck in Britain... Or rather below Britain. I am escaping and going on a long journey to re-find my one true love, Kero. We got separated once the wars started, so I haven't seen him in a while... Well, would you like to come with me?


3. Busting out

I didn't know how, but I was going to get out of here. I felt the outer door to find that it was made out of pure steel and titanium. I hit it once with my full force and it bowed out. I hit it again and it cracked down the middle, but it caused me to fracture my hand. I hit it one last time and the door split in half, sending small bits and pieces everywhere! I slowly healed my hand and noticed that my back had completely healed while I wasn't paying attention. "My powers must be working better than they used to back when I was younger..." I mumbled to myself. The other guards were still in with their assigned 'prisoners' so I still had a small window of opportunity to escape. I ran down the long corridor that led from my cell and out into the main room. When I arrived there, I shielded my eyes from all of the bright light and then looked about my surroundings. There were several floors both above and below mine that had nothing but corridors leading into the rooms of what I like to call "The Damned." I walked out onto the small pathway leading around to the elevator and stairs and then started to make a run for it, but I flinched as I heard the opening of several cell doors and ran faster, nearly causing myself to trip a couple of times. I ran around the corner on the other end like it was nothing and hit the stairs, knowing that the elevator would be packed with guards returning from their time with The Damned that they were assigned. "Come on... just a little further!" I could already smell the fresh air and see the bright sun shining down on me as it warmed my body. I heard the door shut below and above me, but kept going in spite of it. Seconds later, I had caught up with a small demon child who was trying to warp out. I picked her up swiftly and took her with me, my focus now on getting us out alive instead of just me. "Ok, sweetie, when I say so you've gotta hide behind something and let me fight just do it, ok?" She nodded her head and buried it into my neck, trying to hide into safety. When I hit the door to the ground floor, I busted through with one hit, wanting to waste absolutely no time.Most of the guards were still gone and hadn't made it back up here yet, but I noticed a few that had and that they were staring straight at me. "OUT! KEEP THEM IN HERE! NONE ESCAPE!!" I put the little girl down and she went back into the stairwell, doing mainly as I had said. I changed into a panther form and jumped at one of them, barely missing. I heard a gunshot and flinched away, but pounced at him again, knocking him down and ripping his throat out. I managed to down them all after a while and only got shot twice, so I grabbed the child again once I was in my demonic form and took off. I ran through the doors to find an entire army in waiting. I backed against the doors, but found them open and several other demons waiting to exit the building. I moved away from them to let them see what was waiting. The next thing I knew, war had broken out between the two sides. A younger female demon told me to run and so I did. I made it out the gate with a single shove of my massive strength. I put the girl down and she warped back into the demon world where I knew her momma was waiting. I soon rejoined the fight, the battle still raging. But now they had a shape-shifter on their side. The playing field had been tipped and it was finally going to go their way. The humans had no chance... It was game over before I even hit the bloody pavement.

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