Count on me

Kian Lawley Fan fic~

Isn't dating Andrea


6. Jealously


I saw them kiss. I saw Kian and Lexi kiss. I'm literally breaking inside right now. I wish I could wake up with amneisa. (haha reference) I would forget about liking her ever. Then I see them kiss again. I getting a burning rage. Jealousy. I walk over to them. "Having fun there?" I spat out. They both pulled away to see me standing there giving Kian the death glare. "Whoa Connor what's wrong?" Kian asks. "WHATS WRONG? I FLIPPING LIKE LEXI AND I WALK OUT HERE TO SEE YOU TWO SUCKING EACH OTHERS FACES OFF THATS WHATS WRONG!" I yell. They look at me shocked. I run upstairs to my room and lock the door. I start crying uncontrollably. I pick up the lamp and throw it to the ground. "WHY ME!" I yell. I take my swimming trophy and throw that to the ground as well. "I HATE MY LIFE!" I yell! I fall to the ground crying harder. Once I manage to pick myself up I run to the bathroom (TRIGGER WARNING) I pick up one of my old blades. I put it to my wrist and drag it up slowly. I keep going until there are about 30 on each arm. I bandage them all up and fall to the ground again. I slowly cry myself to sleep.

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