Not Much To See (Louis Fanfiction)

"There is not much to see. He is just a boy and I'm just a girl. He'll never notice me even though I notice him everyday. Can't you see? I'm not his type. No matter how many times I dream about him, he'll never belong to me and I'll never be his. I don't get why you can't just let this be. You and I both know that their will never be an us. He'll never feel the same way I do about him. All those wishes I made will never come true. Those fantasies I have, they'll never be real. Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to class."


3. Chapter 3

Louis P.O.V

I walked over to my locker, ignoring El's whines.


I opened up to see a note with my name written in bubble letters on the front.


I put it in my pocket so El wouldn't bitch.


"Um babe, I'm gonna check the locker room for it." I said.


El lost her earring so we're looking around for it.


"Why would it be in the men's locker room?" she asked.


"You never know, I could've taken it in there." I lied.


"Oh okay, don't take too long." she replied.


"Got it." I said and turned the corner.


I took a few lefts then a right until I finally walked into the locker room.


I made sure every one is gone and took it out of my pocket.


I opened it and read it to myself.


"Dear Louis,

"You have no clue who wrote this but I thought I should let you know that I absolutely love you even if you don't.

"No matter how much I dream, think or wish I was yours, I know, by heart, that I'll never be. I don't have to be told twice.

"I just hope one day you're heart will turn around."

"Yours truly,



C? Who is C?


I looked at the bottom of the letter to see she erased her name. I couldn't quite tell what it said.


Cindy? Carmen? Carol? I have no clue.


"Well, well, well, did someone get a love note?"


I turned around to see the one and only Zayn, arms crossed, covered in sweat.


"N-No, just a note." I said.


"Ooh, let me see." he said.


"No. I have to go." I said and quickly left the locker room, leaving Zayn sweaty and confused.

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