Not Much To See (Louis Fanfiction)

"There is not much to see. He is just a boy and I'm just a girl. He'll never notice me even though I notice him everyday. Can't you see? I'm not his type. No matter how many times I dream about him, he'll never belong to me and I'll never be his. I don't get why you can't just let this be. You and I both know that their will never be an us. He'll never feel the same way I do about him. All those wishes I made will never come true. Those fantasies I have, they'll never be real. Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to class."


1. Chapter 1

Carly P.O.V

I opened my green spiral and grabbed my blue pen.


I took a deep breath and stared at my notes from yesterday.


"If a girl is lonely, we call her a loner."


That was the part that bugged me.


I scanned the notes to refresh my memory, until I saw something that didn't look familiar.


"Girls are a lot prettier in fairy tales."


I hated to admit it but that was the truth. Girls were a lot prettier in that fairy tale shit.


Mr. Deere was always late for after school classes so I wasn't bothered by the wait.


I sighed and looked at the next line.


"Nobody is as handsome as him."


I knew exactly who him was. Louis William Tomlinson. The school's quarterback.


It doesn't matter, he isn't into nerds like me. I'm a straight A student.


I closed my notebook and placed the pen on top of it.


"Good afternoon, students." Mr Deere said as he walked in what I call "The Nerds Only" room.


He walked up to the chalkboard and wrote down information from yesterday's meeting.


I stared at the window. I was noticing every little detail on campus until I spotted him.


Louis snogging his girlfriend up against a tree. I felt the tears stinging in my eyes and sighed.


He'll never love me. "Carly Henderson, are you listening?" Mr. Deere asked, glasses on the edge of his wrinkle covered nose.


"Yes sir." I replied, trying to hide my embarrassment by staring at the ground.


"Then recap what we talked about yesterday." he said, arms crossed.


I sighed and stood up. "We talked about how fairy tales are nothing like real life in any way. If it was, we wouldn't be in school and would be married at age sixteen."


I sat as he nodded in approval. He turned back around to the board and I looked back out the window.


I saw Louis in his beanie flirting with Kensie. The school slut. Gross.


I looked up at Mr. Deere right when Liam walked in. Wait, Liam?


He handed Mr. Deere a note. "Well Mr. Payne, I see you'll be joining the advanced class. Go ahead, sit anywhere."

Liam nodded and sit in the empty seat beside me.


I waited until Mr. Deere turned back to face to board before I whispered to Liam.


"Liam, what are you doing here? You're a jock." 


"Well, Mrs. Wexler noticed how smart I was and moved me up."


"Won't it affect your practice?"


"Nah, don't worry about me love, worry about yourself."


He gave me a cheeky smile and paid attention to our fairy tale lesson.


"Okay class, can anyone tell me a reason why fairy tales are nothing like reality?"


We must be reviewing because these question are too damn easy.


"Okay, um, what about you Liam?" Mr. Deere said.


Liam stood up and took a deep breath.


"Fairy tales are nothing like reality because none of us are princes or princesses. We don't live in castles unless you're Daniel Wells who, in fact, is very rich. We have the tiniest chance of getting married at age sixteen. We are certainly not mermaids or mermen. And lastly we don't fall in love that easily."


Liam sat back down and the whole room was silent.


"Great answer Liam." Mr. Deere replied and I looked at him in shock.


"Wow Li, that was amazing." I whispered.


"Thanks." he said. No doubt he was blushing.


"Oh um Li," I said.


"Yes love?"


"Could you hand this to Louis?" I asked.


"Who's it from? You?" he asked.


"No, actually it isn't from me. I don't know who it's from I just found it and it said Louis' name on the front so I'm guessing he lost it." I lied.


"Oh." he said as I handed him the note.


"Thanks." I said.


"Um, no prob." he said as the bell rang.


"WAIT!!" Mr. Deere yelled. We all stopped and stared.


"Don't forget about our fairy tale ball tonight. Dress up as your favorite fairy tale character and dance with a date. Remember girls can ask guys or the opposite. Please stop by."


I almost started laughing. I though he knew this. Fairy tales can't be anything like real life, not even if you pretend it can.


"Class dismissed." he said and we all stood up.


I avoided the group of kids and escaped to the hallway. I walked silently to my locker until I was rudely interrupted.


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