The new girl in town

Amber is the new girl in Mystic Falls and little does she know things get crazy fast she meets new friends meets a guy and gets in a lot of trouble.


2. The new girl

I wake up to the sound of my alarm I groan as I reach to press the snooze button I close my eyes and mumble to myself "Five more minutes." I hear my mom walk in "Sweetie your gonna be late" she says. I groan as I remove my warm covers and get out of bed. I stumble into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror "Ready to be the new girl" I say to myself. I sigh as I get my towel and hop into the shower I relax my tense muscles as the warm water hits my body. I get out and put on my black skinny jeans with a white tank top then an almost see through black shirt, and then I put on my red converse. I go into the bathroom and fix my hair up and grab my backpack and run to the bus. On the way out I said "Bye mom I'm leaving" "Aren't you going to eat breakfast?" I hear her ask. "No I'm good" I say as I shut the door. I get on the bus and sit in a empty seat I take out my phone and put on my headphones and started listening to my music. It wasn't long before I felt a tap on my shoulder I look up and see a blonde hair girl staring at me I take off my headphones and say Hi. "Hi I'm Caroline, are you new here?" She asked. "Yay I just moved from California." She smiles and says "Mind if I show you around?" "Sure I need a guide anyway" I smiled and we talked the rest of the way. She asked me questions on why we moved, how was California, and if I was comfortable in Mystic Falls. I answered all the questions without hesitation. We got off the bus and went inside "We need to go to the principals office so we can get your schedule" she said. We entered the office and the Principal greeted us with a smile "Hi you must be Amber." I smiled and nodded. "Okay we took your files from your old school, and it looks like you kept your grades up in all your classes so that means if u do good this year you can graduate at the end of it." He smiled and gave me my schedule ( they were the same as Caroline's) we left the office and made our way to first.

I hope you guys liked it I probably made mistakes :/ I'm sorry if I did please let me know what u think :) thanks and I hope u enjoy the stories :D

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