The new girl in town

Amber is the new girl in Mystic Falls and little does she know things get crazy fast she meets new friends meets a guy and gets in a lot of trouble.


5. The encounter

After I met Damon I couldn't get him out of my head. The way his blue eyes seem to glow with excitement as he shook my hand or was it a plan forming in his head.

"All done" I said as we packed up our notebooks and papers. "Yep" said Caroline excitedly. We all got up said goodbye and left out the door. As we walked outside Caroline stopped in her tracks. "Whoops, forgot my phone be right back" she said as she went back inside. I was waiting by the car. Then all of the sudden it felt like someone was behind me.

I turned around and Damon was standing there. My heart seemed to skip a beat as we locked eyes. "It's Amber right?" I nodded my head not seeming to be able to speak. "Why don't we catch a movie sometime?" He asked. "S.. Sure" I stuttered. Then I remembered what Caroline said.

"I don't know, Caroline warned me about you" I looked down at the ground. All of the sudden he was right next to me. I was surprised he could walk around the car that fast. He got really close to my face "Your going to believe what someone said about me, when you haven't even met me?" "I..I don't know" I stuttered.

"Good, then it's a date Friday at 8" he said smirking "I never-" I got cut off when we heard the front door open. I looked in the direction then looked back at Damon but, he was gone. I stared in surprise, how can he disappear so fast.

"Ready to go?" Caroline said coming up beside me "Y.. Ya"

We got to my house I said bye to Caroline and went inside. I ate dinner and then went up to my room. I laid down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. I can't believe I'm going on a date with Damon even after Caroline warned me but, he did have a point. I shouldn't avoid him just because Caroline warned me about him. I should get to know him first. I convinced myself to go on the date and then got ready for bed.

That night I thought about Damon's beautiful blue eyes and the way he smirks and then I feel into a deep sleep.

Sorry it was short but I didn't have time to write more you know with school and all. I really will try to update everyday. Again hope you like it and feel free to tell me anything

~Daisyluver101 ^.^

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