The new girl in town

Amber is the new girl in Mystic Falls and little does she know things get crazy fast she meets new friends meets a guy and gets in a lot of trouble.


9. Shopping

Back to Ambers perspective

I went down the stairs and waited for Caroline to get here. Couple minutes later I heard a knock I eagerly opened the door and smiled at Caroline.

"Ready to go" she asked excitedly. I nodded and we jumped into her car and drove off. "Guess what?" I asked Caroline. She nodded for me to continue "My car is on it's way here." She looked at me confused. "Oh, when we moved we only had me, my mom and dad so someone had to drive the trailer and then the two cars so we choose to leave my car at my best friends house."

She nodded in understanding. We finally got to the mall and parked her car and went inside the mall. I looked around and awed at how big it is. Caroline giggled and grabbed my arm and dragged me to the nearest store. This store had nice tops and undergarments.

Caroline pulled out several matching bras and panties. "Here, for you" she said handing me the undergarments. I stared at her in shock she looked at me with a questioning look. "You want me to wear this?" I asked shocked. She started laughing "No, but you should have seen the look on your face" she said cracking up again. I rolled my eyes and playfully pushed her.

We continued to look at tops in that same store. I then saw a person through the crowd and I started to jump up and down trying to look over people's heads. Caroline came up to me "You ok" she asked giggling. I didn't answer her instead I pushed through the crowd and tapped the shoulder of a familiar person.

She turned around and looked me up and down and started screaming. I laughed and hugged her tight. Caroline came up behind us and laughed "Who is this?"

"My best friend Natalie" I told Caroline as I released Natalie from my hug. "And Natalie this is Caroline" they shook each other's hand and said hi.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Natalie. "Well since I'm old enough to get my own place, I decided to get a place here" she said smiling. I screamed and hugged her tightly.

Natalie was 18, three years older than me, she had brown straight hair with brown eyes she was an awesome best friend who I can just fool around with and have fun and she was always there for me.

"Wanna come shopping with us" I asked her excitedly. "I wish I could but I have to still go unpack" she says disappointed. "Oh ok well text me when your done" we say bye to each other and me and Caroline kept shopping.

"I wonder if I should tell Caroline about the date with Damon" I thought and finally agreed to tell Caroline. "Umm Caroline I need to tell you something" she nods for me to proceed while still looking at a rack of tops. "Ok so I kinda went out on a date with Damon" I said slowly. She stopped going through the tops and slowly turned her head to look at me. I flinched when I saw how mad she was "You did what!" She practically yelled. I shrank back "I went on a date with Damon" I said really quietly I didn't think she even heard me but I guess she did cause she dragged me out of the store and into the car.

We drove off and soon we were in front of the Salvatore's home. Caroline practically ran for the door and instead of knocking she literally kicked the door open. She Burst into the living room and with me not to far behind.

"What the fuck Damon!" She yelled. Damon looked over his shoulder annoyed "What" he asked clearly annoyed. "You took Amber on a date!" I flinched at how mad she was. Damon then looked at me and smiled "Oh, hey Amber" I smiled and waved back nervously. "Don't say hi to her" Caroline snapped with glen he'd teeth. I saw Damon roll his eyes and answered "Yes Caroline I took her on a date." What happened next will change the world in a whole new perspective.

~~~~~~~~~~~Authors note~~~~~~~~~~

Ima write the next chapter today so I don't leave you guys hanging. Well again hope you liked it and thanks for everyone who is reading.

Oh and remember if you want a chance to be in my story you can kik me at: that_one_chikkk



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