The new girl in town

Amber is the new girl in Mystic Falls and little does she know things get crazy fast she meets new friends meets a guy and gets in a lot of trouble.


13. She's dead

Damon's POV

I just finished texting Amber to be careful. I stretched and started making my way up the stairs. I then started hearing my phone ringing I groaned and walked towards it slowly. I picked it up and looked at the caller ID, it was Natalie Ambers best friend.

I picked it up "Hello" I said annoyed. I heard Natalie on the other line freaking out she started to talk really fast "Woah, Natalie calm down I can't understand you." I say calmly. "Some one took Amber I ran out after her to tell her she forgot her purse, but when I ran around a corner I saw she was with a guy, and then that guy rushed off somewhere." She said on the verge of tears.

I stood there for a second processing this. I then froze and anger bubbled up inside me there was only one person I could think of that could have done this. I quickly hung up and called Amber. Instead of her picking up I heard the familiar British accent. "Listen hear you son of a bi..." Stefan rushed over and took the phone from me. He glared at me and told me to behave I rolled my eyes and listened in on the conversation. I hear Klaus say a smart ass remark and I lost it there I quickly walked out the door and slammed it and rushed over to Klaus' place.

I quickly walked over to him and grabbed him and started threatening him. He smirked and that just made me more angry and I brought my fist up and looked him straight on the eye and brought my fist down. However, instead of his face under my fist I felt a soft hand stop my fist. I heard a females voice say "What do you think your doing" and then felt someone push me off I quickly glared at the woman but it quickly changed when I saw who it was.

It was a pretty girl with wavy hair and beautiful green eyes. I looked her up and down and I saw her blush but then quickly snapped out of it and glared at Klaus. He too was glaring at me, when Stefan came rushing in he then proceeded to tell Klaus that this was between them two not Amber.

I then watched in horror as Klaus fed Amber his blood. I took a step forward and that was when he snapped her neck. I yelled no and it felt like everyone did too. I quickly walked over to Ambers lifeless body I kneeled down next to her and closed my eyes waiting for her to come back to life as a vampire. It felt like eternity, and Amber still didn't come back to life. I felt myself get pushed out of the way I glance over and saw Natalie there with tears in her eyes.

I looked back at Amber and saw blood run down the corner of her mouth. I reached over and opened her mouth. I heard a sob escape Natalie's mouth as we both saw that the blood was still in her mouth. "She didn't swallow it" I said quietly. I looked over at Natalie and poor soul was breaking down crying. I put my hand on her shoulder and she looked at me with so much sadness in her eyes I was about to say something but she hugged me right before I could say anything I was shocked at first but then started to hug her back.

As I was kneeling there hugging Natalie I started hearing whispers. I look over and saw Alondra and Klaus whispering. I decided to listen on the conversation "Why the hell did you kill her" I heard her yell silently. "Hey I fed her the blood I couldn't control if she swallowed it or not" he said casually. I was tempted to go over there and rip his head of but decided to listened more "I know but I told you to do something about it not go and kill someone" she says annoyed.

At that moment I got up and walked over to her. She turned around surprised I grabbed her by the collar of her shirt "You did this" I growled into her face. Her eyes widen "I'm sorry I didn't know he would kill her I just thought he would compel her or something." I saw that she wasn't lying I put her down and mumbled "Whatever" before I went back to Natalie. She looked at me and smiled before she could say anything I pulled he into a hug. "What is this feeling am I sad am I crying" I thought In my head as I felt warm tears stream down my face.

Natalie's POV

I turned the corner running after Amber. I can't believe she forgot her purse. I ran a few more steps and then I froze in mid-step. There is a man with Amber I was about to call out Ambers name when they vanished. It must have been a vampire I feel my heart speed up, I have to call someone but who. Then I got an idea and I ran for the house. I got inside and immediately grabbed my cell and dialed Damon's phone.

"Hello" I heard him answer annoyed. I started telling him everything. "Woah Natalie calm I can't understand you" I calmed down and tried again. I heard him silent for a moment. "Please Da..." I got cut off as he hung up. I waited for a moment hoping someone would call me and update me but no one did. I was about to break down crying when I heard the doorbell ring. I got up and wiped all my tears away and answered the door.

Stefan was there smiling I smiled back "What are you doing here Stefan" I said confused. "Well don't you want to go see what happened to your best friend?" I smiled and nodded we got in his car and drove off. Right when we got there he got out of the car "You should hang back for a while just in case something happens" I nod and walked in but stayed back as Stefan went inside. I heard the argument get more and more heated, and then suddenly it got quiet.

I looked inside the room just as Klaus snapped her neck. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out I stood there frozen in place not able to move or tear my gaze away from her lifeless body. I then felt my limbs start to move and next thing I knew I pushed Damon out of the way and kneeled next to Amber. I saw Damon open her mouth and all the blood was still there. I felt a sob escape my mouth, I then felt a hand on my shoulder I looked at Damon and couldn't help it I hugged him tight. We were like this for a couple of minutes I then felt Damon get up so I let him go and went back to Amber's body.

I looked over and saw Damon growling something into a girls scared face. I got up and was about to go separate them when he let her go and came over. I was about to say something to him but didn't get the chance as he grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I stood there shocked but then proceeded to hug him back. I felt tears land on my shoulder. "Is Damon Salvator crying?!? He must have really cared about Amber" I thought in my head surprised. I then started to cry too and we stood there crying together.

Alondra's POV

I watched as Klaus walked out the door. "I hope I gave him good advice" I thought in my head. I went into my room and laid down and stared at the ceiling. The way Klaus looked at me when he asked for advice I have never seen him make that face before. I had feelings for Klaus but I was scared to tell him because I was scared he would reject me or that it would ruin our friendship. I sighed and then heard Klaus' voice he must be back. I thought for a moment and decided to tell him how I feel. I walked into the room and was about to pour all my feelings out to him, but then I froze there was a girl tied up to a chair.

I looked at Klaus confused and asked "Who is she and what is she doing here" I said kinda jealous that Klaus would bring a girl here. "You said to do something about this and I am" he said with a grin. I rolled my eyes and looked at the girl "I hope nothing bad happens to her" I say concerned in my head. I went back to my room and was about to lay down again when I heard the front door burst open. I groaned "What now" I got up and walked back into the room just in time to see a guy about to pound Klaus' face in. I quickly grabbed his fist "What do you think your doing" I say sternly as I pushed the man off.

He glared at me but I quickly saw that it went from anger to interest. I couldn't help but blush as he looked me up and down "Wow he is pretty cute" I think in my head. I then saw him glare back at Klaus suddenly the door burst open again and another guy came in. He said something to Klaus about it being between him and Klaus. All of the sudden Klaus had the girl in a shoulder grip and he proceeded to bite his wrist and feed it to the girl. What happened next shocked me he snapped her neck I yelled no before I even knew what I yelled. "Did he just do that... Why?" I just stood there lost in thought I didn't even notice when Klaus came up beside me.

"Why the hell did you kill her" I yelled silently not wanting the others to hear us. "I just fed her the blood I couldn't control if she swallowed it or not" he said casually like nothing happened. I resisted the urge to slap him right here and now he could be a total jerk sometimes. "I know but I told you to do something about it not kill her!" I say. I sighed and turned around but bumped into someone, before I could react the guy named Damon grabbed my collar and pulled me up close to his face "You did this" he hissed angry. My eyes widen "I'm sorry I didn't know he was going to let I thought he was going to compel her or something" I say truthful. He puts me down and mumbles "Whatever" then leaves. I stand there completely shocked. I hope he doesn't hate me I really didn't mean for any of this to happen, I then felt a tear roll down my cheek.

Ambers POV (short)

I sit there in the chair scared and confused. "What's going to happen to me am I going to die" I thought in my head scared I then heard my phone ring. Klaus came over and answered it, next thing I knew Damon was here about to punch Klaus in the face. The girl came back and stopped Damon before he could I saw the way Damon looked at her and jealousy boiled up. I tried to wiggle out if these ropes but they were to tight.

Next thing I knew Stefan had arrived and was pleading with Klaus not to bring me into this. I sighed knowing it wasn't going to work. I then felt the ropes getting pulled off of me I look up expecting to see Damon but I saw Klaus. I struggled under his grip he then stuck his wrist on my mouth I felt blood ooze into my mouth. I almost gaged at the taste "Was I supposed to swallow this" I thought in my head I then saw Damon step forward and I felt Klaus' hands on my head I quickly tried to swallow the blood but it was to late. I felt my neck snap and the crack it made and then Everything went black. I had just died.....

~~~~~~~~~Authors note~~~~~~~~~~

I hope you guys liked it I made it long like long long this time XD thanks so much for reading I hope you liked it next episode idk about that I will think cx and super sorry if there are any mistakes :(

Remember if you want to be in the story kik me!!!!!!


Thanks hope you enjoyed


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