The new girl in town

Amber is the new girl in Mystic Falls and little does she know things get crazy fast she meets new friends meets a guy and gets in a lot of trouble.


14. Moved on

Damon's POV

Its been two weeks since Amber has died. Everyone misses her, but I'm pretty sure I miss her the most. Since she has died I have done nothing but lay in bed all day, the others have tried to get me out of bed and to go outside, but have failed. Today was no different except that instead of one of my friends it was Natalie. I haven't seen her since that one night.

I was under my covers and I heard the door open. I was pretty sure it was Caroline she is the one who has visited me the most so far. I groan "I'm not going to get out of bed today Caroline, no matter how hard you try." I heard a giggle and then the covers were ripped from my body. I groaned and buried my face into my pillows. I then felt the pillow get taken away from my head, I was about to protest when I got hit with the pillow on my head. "Hey" I said looking up annoyed.

I saw Natalie there instead of Caroline. She put her hands on her hips "Did you really think I was Caroline" she asked surprised. I sigh "Yes I did" I then grab my covers and covered my body. "Hey" I heard Natalie say and I felt the covers trying to be ripped away from me again. I grabbed them tighter and then I heard her sigh in defeat. I peek through a hole I made in the covers and saw that she was gone I relaxed a bit but only to get my covers ripped off again.

"Ok ok I'm up I'm up" I mumble as I stand up from my warm bed. I glare at Natalie and she just smiles back. She walks over and stands on her tippy toes she ruffles my hair "Someone's got bed hair" she says laughing. I slap her hand away "Ya, but you don't have to touch it" I mumble. She glared at me "I can touch it whenever I want" she said reaching up to touch it again. I grabbed her arm "I said don't touch it" I glared at her.

She took back her arm and looked at me with narrowed eyes "Well Mr. Grumpy pants we need to turn that frown upside down" she said walking towards the door. I rolled my eyes and jumped back into bed "I think I'll pass" I said as I snuggled back into the covers. She sighed "Damon, don't make this hard on me" she said pleading. "No one made you come over here" I mumbled through my covers."I'm just trying to help you Damon" she said mad. I groaned "Fine, where do you want to go" I said getting up and starting to get ready. She smiled at me "Really? You wanna go somewhere" she said surprised. "Well you are trying hard to get me to go so, might as well go" I mumbled while looking down at the ground.

We got out if the car and I looked around. It was bright and I had to squint my eyes until they adjusted. I looked around and saw people throwing footballs and walking their dogs and just enjoying the day. I sighed as I followed Natalie into the middle of the park and sat down on a bench. We sat in silence for a while, I looked down at my finger and started to play with my sun ring. Natalie looked over "What's that?" She asked. I looked up at her "Oh, it's my sun ring" I said glancing down at my ring. "Oh what does it do?" She asked curiously. "It makes me not burn up in the sun" I said while chuckling.

She nods "Wait you burn up in the sun?" She asked surprised. "Duh, what did you think we do?" She opens her mouth to say something but I thought of something faster "You thought we sparkled?" I asked surprised. She looks down at the ground. "And this is why I hate the Twilight books" I said annoyed. She giggled "The Twilight books are horrible, but the movies are good" I stared at her in shock. "None of the things related to Twilight are good, how can you like the movies?" I said disgusted. She rolls her eyes "Have you even seen one of the movies" she says looking at me. I shake my head "Then how do you know they suck?" She said crossing her arms. "I just do ok" I said sternly.

Next thing I knew we were on my couch watching the first Twilight movie. I rolled my eyes at the tv "Those are so fake" I said annoyed. Natalie elbowed be in the rib "We get it ok, this movie is so fake and vampires don't sparkle in the sun now hush and watch the movie" she said annoyed. I didn't reply and just closed my eyes next thing I knew I woke up with Natalie's head on my shoulder. I looked around and saw it was pitch black outside and the tv was turned off. "We must of fallen asleep while watching the movie" I thought in my head. I slowly got up from the couch trying not to wake up Natalie in the process. I heard her mumble a protest I smirked and carried her up to her room. I laid her gently down on her bed and covered her with her blankets.

I was about to walk out the door when I heard Natalie talking in her sleep. I turned my head and listened

"No please don't hurt her, please just leave her alone, Damon! Do something! Stefan don't just stand there do something! No!! Amber!!" My heart broke when I heard Amber's name. I quickly went over to Natalie and shook her gently. She jolted awake breathing hard she looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Shhh it's ok it's ok I'm here" I said soothingly. She started to calm down "Do you want to talk about it?" I asked quietly. She nodded her head. I sat back and listened.

"It was about that night, everyone was just standing there doing nothing just watching Amber getting feed vampire blood, and then it happened he snapped her neck." She took a deep breath "and it just kept happening over and over again." She said as tears rolled down her face. I brought her into a hug "It's ok I know I know" I said patting her back. Her breathing got slower and I knew she was asleep, I felt my eyelids get heavy and next thing I knew I fell asleep with Natalie in my arms.

I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes, I squinted my eyes and groaned as I rolled over in bed. However, I felt someone next to me I looked up and saw Natalie sleeping next to me. She stirred and looked over at me "Thanks for last night Damon" she murmurs. I smiled "You were pretty torn up, and so was I so it was the least I could do" I said as I got out of bed. She did also and walked towards the bathroom "Is it ok if I get the bathroom first?" She asked over her shoulder. I nodded "Ya go ahead I'm going to go get breakfast." I said yawning. As she walked into the bathroom and closed the door I made my way downstairs. I walked down into the basement and grabbed a blood bag, I drank it on the way upstairs.

"So Natalie stayed the night?" I heard Stefan ask from behind me. I looked over my shoulder at Stefan "Ya she did" I said as I looked back at my blood bag and took a drink. "Why?" Asked Stefan as he came to sit across from me. I rolled my eyes "What is this 21 questions, she spent the night cause she was having nightmares and I didn't want to leave her at her house alone with these nightmares" I took another drink from the blood bag. Stefan just nodded then he looked at me with surprise in his eyes. "What?" I asked confused

"Your out of bed, and yesterday I saw you at the park with Natalie" he said with a big smile "What did Natalie do that made you get out of bed?" He asked curious.

"I felt bad cause she was trying so hard to get me out of bed so I thought why not" I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Ya but so did Caroline and me" she said suspiciously. I glared at him "Well you didn't try as hard as Natalie" I snapped at him. He just sat there grinning "What?!" I asked annoyed. He just stood up and patted my back "Glad to see you've moved on Damon" and then left. I sat there frozen in place "Have I actually moved on from Amber?" I thought in my head "And do I have feelings for Natalie?"

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